Wednesday walkabout on a cold November day

Stay warm everyone in the northern hemisphere! A cold spell has blown in from Siberia here on the North American continent. Brr.

So, bundle up for today’s walkabout with a few topics wandering around in mind.

A 17 year-old vaper had a double lung transplant. Read that statement again. Ironically, I watched a tongue-in-cheek movie about a smoking lobbyist called “Thank you for smoking.” The punchline is if you don’t like the debate, change the argument. Eventually the argument was lost when a whistleblower noted the tobacco industry knew nicotine was addictive dating back to 1964. Now, we are at a deja vu moment with vaping.

Today the House impeachment hearings begin with several credible witnesses who have already raised concerns under oath. I want people to remember the “under oath” part as the accused tweets away. The president testified under oath once when deposed and the attorney got him to admit to over 30 lies. There is a reason White House attorneys did not want Robert Mueller to depose Trump.

The timing of the impeachment hearing is unfortunate as it takes the spotlight away from the Roger Stone trial. Stone is a self-proclaimed dirty-trickster, which speaks volumes in and of itself.

The hearings also overshadow the news out of New York where Donald J. Trump admitted to using his charity as his personal piggy bank. He agreed to repay the charity $2 million and his kids on the Board have to go to Board training. It should be noted Trump’s CFO was on the Board and did not know it. This is a microcosm of how the boss operates.

Finally, I predict three things. The House will impeach the president, but not enough GOP senators will convict him. Rudy Guiliani and Mick Mulvaney will serve as scapegoats for the Teflon Don. Each tribe will claim victory, but American democracy will lose as our guardrails of governance with this ungovernable incumbent will collapse.

12 thoughts on “Wednesday walkabout on a cold November day

      • VJ, I found myself proud that we have public servants like Taylor and Kent. They did our country proud, risking a great deal to share their concerns. The fact they have served multiple presidents of both parties is telling.

        In addition, three new items are of import:
        – a staff member overheard a call with Sondland and Trump connecting Trump to the investigation request. Trump said earlier he did not know Sondland that well.
        – when asked if holding up the aid was appropriate, Taylor said it was wrong to do, which seemed to resonate
        – at the end of the day, it was noted the aid was released two days after the whistleblower news was made public.

        What did you takeaway?


  1. Keith I’m getting closer to admitting you may be right. The impeachment won’t happen as the Republicans go all out to prove there’s nary an honest one amongst them. They’re out for themselves not for the people.Politicians everywhere would do well to look at AOC and her companions as to how to work for the common good.
    Trump has to lose the 2020 elections to bring the Republicans to heel & for the country to start to build again.

    • David, I watched George Kent and Bill Taylor’s opening statement. They are exemplars to everyone in the room to what public service and oath to the country should look like. I admire the courage, devotion to duty, attention to detail and context of why supporting Ukraine is in keeping with our national security. Keith

  2. I think your predictions will come true Keith. I, as well watched the proceedings today. Kent and Taylor represent what’s good in our government. Couldn’t be prouder of how they conducted themselves. The Republicans on the other hand? Pathetic. But, we knew what to expect.

    • Jeff, thanks. Please refer to my note to VJ. Congressman Devin Nunes’ comments should be taken with a grain of salt. We should be reminded he had to step down as Chair of this committee when it was discovered he was leaking information to Trump. Also, GOP Senator Richard Burr approached Speaker Paul Ryan to ask Nunes to forefo releasing a GOP version of a report as it was not supported by evidence Burr’s committee had seen.


  3. I worry about the USA.
    The tidal forces which shape nations are also those which if not respected and taken into account will also pull them apart. Trump and his court have no sense of History otherwise they would be wondering if they should start trying to speak to the opposition.
    If they do not many folk will start to feel, ‘They don’t listen to us. Why should we listen to them?’ and another, albeit allegorical journey will start as some begin to distance themselves from Washington and so its authority thus diminishes.

    • Roger, well said. I share your concerns. As an independent, when I say both sides have good ideas and both sides have bad ones, the message is dismissed due to tribalism.

      I spoke with a staff member and left a message for a GOP senator and congressman who outed the whistleblower. My message was simple:
      – this is poor form
      – while I am not calling your boss a weasel, this is weasel-like behavior
      – we need our leaders to be among our better angels, not our worst.

      I said more, but wanted them to hear it. I made sure the staff member took down and promise to share “weasel-like” behavior. Keith

      • Good for you Keith.
        These are the actions of a true patriot of America.
        If they do not stop this tribalism eventually, many years down the road the USA will separate into independent, mostly small nations….History indicates….

      • Thanks Roger. Collaboration is hard work. It is easier to promote tribal behavior. Sadly, Trump uses it as a power play. He did that in his own business – pit people against one another.

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