Dems need to support their candidate regardless (otherwise you are assuring a Trump win)

I wrote the following comment on a progressive blog I follow. The comment speaks for itself.

I do enjoy reading your blog. As an independent voter who is fiscally conservative and socially progressive, it is good to get a lay of the land. As I share with my conservative friends, I don’t care if people are more conservative than me on issues or more progressive, let’s try to deal with facts to solve problems. Many moons ago, people ran on rhetoric, then set that aside and governed more off facts. Now, with 24×7 news and eternal campaigning, we are governing off rhetoric. That is sad and not good for our country.

What I am confused about on some of the comments is how in the world Joe Biden is remotely equated with the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime. Biden is far from perfect, but to be brutally honest with you so is Bernie. And, so am I. But, they both are good and decent people, which is a far cry from a president who thinks first of himself and his brand. Everything goes back to his fragile ego. Biden is not that, nor is Sanders.

I will vote for Bernie if he is the nominee, but that is looking as more of a long shot. I do prefer Biden, though, as it appears many of the Democrat voters do. I do wish Bernie would lay off the rigged against him stuff. The brutal truth is his votes are fewer than in 2016 and he is not garnering enough from all parts of the Democrat party. I recognize fully, this paragraph in particular, will cause consternation, but the facts are speaking for themselves.

I do like that Bernie is pushing for Biden to consider more of his perspective. I am all for the detailed exploration of ideas that Bernie and folks like Andrew Yang, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg have. I like the thought process.

As someone who has been involved in helping homeless working families climb ladders back to self-sustainable housing, we must push forward with at least living wages (although I really like Yang’s idea), we must have investment in communities that are disenfranchised, we must have access to healthcare (and yes we should explore Medicare for All in detail while we shore up the ACA in the interim), and we must encourage family planning, including access to birth control and education. There is a high correlation to poverty and larger family sizes. Most of our homeless clients are working mothers, the fastest growing segment of homeless people in the country.*

I am sorry to ramble. But, let me throw something out at you. If Biden is the nominee and you do not support him, four more years of Trump will lead to a 7-2 conservative supermajority on SCOTUS and more environmental degradation and climate change concerns. We will miss a huge window that AOC and Greta Thunberg (my hero) are rightfully concerned about.

To be brutally frank, equating Biden with Trump is not even close to being accurate. I am sorry you and others may not feel this way. I wish this old fart could convince you.

* Note: This footnote was not part of the comment. As someone who has been around charitable organizations, it is vital that we ask them to measure outcomes and report on their success to funders. To be frank, there are too many benevolent band-aids that do not solve the problems they are fighting. They put a band-aid on to provide temporary easing. The same holds true for some governmental programs. That is not altogether bad, but we need to address the needs.

While too many conservatives try to paint people being helped with a very minuscule few malingerers, we still need to try to use money wisely and get people back to self-sustainability. Help them climb a ladder, but they need to climb it. Now, there are some who will need more care than others. As I used to tell church and business groups, when you have met one homeless person, you have met one homeless person. There are many types of homeless people.

There is an excellent book by Bob Lupton called “Toxic Charity.” Lupton used to help Vietnam vets, but eventually moved in to live among people he was helping. His premise is charity should be reserved for emergencies. We should help people climb the ladder back to self-sufficiency. He is very big on food co-ops and consignment stores in neighborhoods with need versus giving out free things. This allows people to maintain their dignity as they get help. The books is worth the read.


16 thoughts on “Dems need to support their candidate regardless (otherwise you are assuring a Trump win)

    • Janis, that is one reason I ventured there. Some have portrayed Biden in a very horrible light. Like with Hillary, when you have been around so long, there are decisions or statements thaf you will regret. There are a couple of those with Biden that I don’t like.

      Some may not even be Bernie fans and are Trump trolls stirring up trouble. Or, they could be Russian fed trolls stirring up trouble.

      I do not know, but the virtriol toward Biden is beyond the scope of his imperfections. The blog host is supportive of my discussion, but even she will vote for the Green candidate. Keith

  1. I too will vote for the Dem nominee hopefully to save our democracy from the current admin. Sanders wants a revolution, plus back in the 80s he praised Fidel ( it’s online) for the great job he was doing in Cuba. It will be hard to vote for him if he is nominated.

    • Holly, he said that on “60 Minutes,” and he could not explain his subtle point. One Dem said if Bernie is the candidate he may have lost Florida for us. I saw a poll that had Joe up 44 points on Bernie in Florida. Keith

      • I feel Sanders should drop out and rally his base behind Biden. That he doesn’t flies in the face of his claim that protecting our democracy from further damage by Trump is priority and that his personal agenda is actually his priority The very young are not experienced enough to know his promises of free education and healthcare are empty as his ability to pass bills has been poor directly related to his socialist aspirations.

  2. Reading about the sorts of things Biden and Sanders would do if they were in charge during COVID-19 reminds me that, policies aside, having someone who’s competent in the White House is extremely important. Bernie has bolder visions in many ways (visions that in many cases I align with), but I don’t want the bold to be the enemy of the competent, either.

    • Well said. A must read is Michael Lewis’ “The Fifth Risk” which I just started. The gist is by firing Chris Christie’s transition team and tossing his due diligence, the Trump absentee directors missed out on planned briefings, did not follow-up and often never picked up briefing books. The chaos and incompetence that is the Trump White House started from the get go. Keith

    • Many thanks. I agree on Susan Sarandon as an example. I watched Bill Maher and Michael Moore beg her to change her mind, but she knew better. Moore was one of the first people to be worried about a possible Trump win and warned folks to no avail. Keith

  3. Excellent post, Keith! I believe that once Trump has been unseated, all the varied voices in the Dem party will be heard. So it would be foolish for supporters of the losing candidate to refuse to support the winner. You’re right that it will take a huge turnout of Dem voters to remove the Trumpers from Congress as well as the White House.

    • Thanks John. Like was done with Hillary, every piece of bad press and even refuted accusations was used to build a pinata to beat on. She is imperfect, but the pinata dressed up her imperfections.

      The same thing is happening to Biden, but to a lesser extent. Yet, he has a longer history to find all his warts.

      Dems need to recognize they are being played and check all sources. Yes, Biden is imperfect, but to equate him to Trump is unbelievable. Dems need to galvanize around the candidate and vote. Thanks for the view from the Great White North. Keith

  4. An excellent post, and your comment on the other person’s post was spot on. We cannot do the same thing we did in 2016, with Bernie supporters being in a snit and either not voting or throwing away their vote, for I truly believe that another four years of Donald Trump will shape this nation into something much less respectable, much less democratic, and much less livable than it has always been.

    • Jill, many thanks. For those who vote for Trump is an ultimate betrayal of Bernie Sanders. For those who throw their vote away is not supportive of Democrat ideals and promotes a Trump election. Stripping away all of the policies of Bernie, he has correctly defined Trump as a “pathalogical liar.” Keith

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