How to respond to people who say you need to get behind the president

Our friend Jill posted a good Op-ed piece written by the Board of the Lincoln Project. In essence, this group represents Republicans who want to see the president defeated in the fall. Her piece is entitled “Country over Party say these Republicans” (see link below). With her permission, I forwarded her piece to an email distribution group. Please do read her piece if you have not already.

Below is a response to a friend who responded quickly. He said he felt we needed to get behind the president which is the new party line. Here is my response.

“These are Republican voices who said all of this. I have listened to Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt and they are very reasonable in conveying their concerns.

I am behind solving our problems and getting back to some form of normalcy. I also respect the office of the presidency. It would be nice if the incumbent respected it as well. We lost six weeks to plan ahead and the misinformation continues to this day.

My favorite conservative pundit, David Brooks, said it best. Even when the president does the right thing, he lets his “narcissism and neurosis get in the way.” I am so pulling for him to do the right things, but it is hard to solve problems when your first motivation is how does it make me look.

What I cannot fathom is for a person who so craves positive attention, why did he not in January or February say the COVID-19 pandemic risk is something we need to pay attention to and I will initiate some planning efforts now? That would have been highly presidential and shown leadership. Instead he reverted to his modus operandi and lied and said it was a hoax.

I want him to succeed, but am highly disappointed in his autocratic bent. I am even more perturbed by sycophants who rationalize the president’s behavior or look the other way. I agree with the Lincoln Project Op-ed and know there are many other famous Republican voices – Brooks, Ross Douthat, George Will, Matt Drudge, Michael Gerson, Erick Erickson – who feel the same way.

That is how I feel bro.”

“Country Over Party” Say These Republicans …


14 thoughts on “How to respond to people who say you need to get behind the president

  1. As I said in response to your earlier email, I’m both glad you shared this, and your response to the person was spot on! Thanks so much for the mention and link, my friend. Teamwork!

  2. Although I don’t have any fervent trumpers among my FB friends, some of my friends do. Every once in a while, one will respond to a post that is critical of trump with something like: “we all need to get behind our president and stop the hate.” When I look at their FB page it is, of course, full of vitriol towards Democrats, Bidon, Obama, climate change science, etc. I guess now that their dear leader is being criticised, we all need to join hands and support him. Nope.

  3. I can’t get behind a president who is a disaster for our country. I only hope that November will find us moving ahead with an intelligent and honest man in the White House come Jan. I don’t think America can withstand 4 more years of the Trump dynasty. As a side note I really don’t think The Republican Party will withstand the debacle they themselves created. That party cannot survive.

    • Lisa, I had to dig your comments out of spam. Sorry about that. As Roger calls the short retorts, tart responses. Thanks for stopping by. Keith

  4. My rather tart response is:
    ‘You do not have a president to get behind.
    You have a fellow who had less votes than his opponent and due to your flawed voting system became by law occupant of the Whitehouse.
    Over the past four years he has:
    1. Failed to unite the country
    2. Never had the maturity of character to accept he has made a mistake
    3. Shown a lack of loyalty to staff.
    4. Acted like a loudmouth at a bar, failing to maintain the dignity of the office.
    5. Far from ‘draining the swamp’ he has installed his own family in favourable positions.
    Thus has reduced the office to a world-wide object of distain, supported only by some 50,000,000+ folk who loathe the opposition so much they would tolerate anything other than a democrat in power. Thus he is their creation and no more.
    In short a wretched shortfall of the requirements of this office.
    To quote from our own Oliver Cromwell (who did drain the swamp in Parliament):
    “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

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