Note to Tucker Carlson

After reading another vignette from Fox opinion host Tucker Carlson, I posted the following brief note on his website. Recognizing this note will do nothing more than make me feel better, I felt it important to remind him that there are groups of Republicans who do not hold the president in very high regard and do not want him to be reelected.

I am an independent and former GOP voter. I applaud the efforts of Republican Voters against Trump, Republicans for the Rule of Law and The Lincoln Project. With 152,000 American deaths due to COVID-19, the president’s misinformation troubles me still. Plus, he has added fuel to the fire on racial injustice when we need a leader to galvanize Americans. General James Mattis was correct when he said this president does not even try to unite us. And, that is unfortunate and sad. Joe Biden is not perfect, but he will work to unite us, which is what we sorely need at this point. Those are my two cents as a former Republican.

While I did not send the attached post published by Jill regarding an op-ed by Stuart Stevens, yet another Republican who is against Trump’s reelection, I think it supplements the message to Mr. Carlson.

The Voice Of Reason — From A Republican

8 thoughts on “Note to Tucker Carlson

  1. Good for you, Keith! As you said, he’s unlikely to even see it, but I do the same sometimes, if for no other reason than to feel better, to feel like I was able to have my say. And many thanks for linking back to my post and Mr. Stevens’ words of wisdom!

    • Thanks Jill. Keep planting the seeds. Some may notice, but there are some we will never reach. Yet, sadly, things will get worse and Trump is having a hard time blaming others for his mishandling of COVID-19 and racial injustice. Keith

  2. Excellent post! I have never quite come to terms with the Tucker Carlson of today vs the bow-tied Tucker that I first saw back in June 2005 on MSNBC’s “The Situation with Tucker Carlson” which became “Tucker” in mid 2006. Admittedly, I was not able to watch the entire show sans interruptions as I was working at the time. The show had several adhered to segments, two of which “First Look” and “The Cutting Room Floor” were where I first came across Willie Geist …then a senior producer of the show, who was put in front of the camera because their off screen camaraderie translated well on the screen. That show is also where I first came across Rachel Maddow and I still enjoy listening to her. I was no longer a “Tucker” viewer when the show ended in March 2008 after being cancelled due to low ratings. However, I do not recall that early Tucker spewing the same things that are routine on the Fox “Tucker Carlson Tonight”. It was surprising to learn that Carlson, a paleoconservative, is a registered Democrat in Washington, D.C., which is his hometown. Today’s Tucker is not the Tucker that I once watched…unless, mayhaps I was missing too much of the show!

    • Ellen, thanks for the history lesson. I had read that Carlson was more respected at one point, but when he joined Fox, he drank the Kool-Aid to beat people up and focus on the portion of the news that supports the verbiage of the day. For example, show the few violent protests and not the significant majority of multiracial civil protests.

      I did see where one of the Murdochs resigned from the organization over editorial differences. He tended was not in agreement in being generous in coverage to the president and focused on the environment.

      Thanks again, Keith

      • You can hope and keep the pressure up, because the Trump followers will be out in their hordes to try and get him back in. He is their symbol and their answer to progress. They must have their puppet back in the Whitehouse.

      • Roger, true. And, voting for Trump is largely against their economic interests. It is alarming the Republican version of the next COVID-19 bill says employees cannot sue their employers for endangering them with COVID-19? How does the protect the common man?


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