Let’s follow the example John Lewis lived

The following is necessarily short, as my local newspaper was kind enough to print it in its “Letters to the Editor” section this morning.

Watching the memorial service for Congressman John Lewis, I noticed the words kind, caring and courageous were used often. A staff member noted he was a great boss with several people working with him for over 10 years (a few over 20).

Lewis embodied the words spoken about him. Civil and nonviolent protest will be his lasting legacy. His example is followed by a significant majority who participate in the multiracial Black Lives Matter protests.

Those few who choose violence may make the news, but they dilute the message. Steadfast resolve is a much greater weapon. It galvanizes people.

Let’s honor Lewis for the person he was and how he conducted himself. Black lives do matter.

3 thoughts on “Let’s follow the example John Lewis lived

  1. Note to Readers: In an interview with Axios, while Congressman John Lewis laid in state, the president was asked several times to speak about Lewis. Here is a sample from a summary of his responses:

    “Trump repeatedly rejected opportunities to praise Lewis as Swan pressed him about Lewis’s legacy. When asked whether he found Lewis impressive, Trump replied that he could not ‘say one way or the other.’

    ‘I find a lot of people impressive, I find many people not impressive. But no, he didn’t come to my inauguration,’ Trump replied.”

    So, in short, Trump will only tolerate people who show him favor and will remember those who do not.

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