Who do people believe is the most mentally sound per a Fox poll?

The incumbent US president wants to make this election about mental acuity, a fight he believes he can win. Not so fast, per a poll in July by Fox News, the conservative news outlet Breitbart reports in the article, most of which is repeated below:

“A majority of Americans believe President Donald Trump neither has ‘the intelligence’ nor ‘the mental soundness’ to ‘serve effectively as president,’ according to a Fox News poll released on Sunday.

The national poll, conducted July 12-15 with a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points, found that 52 percent do not think Trump has the intelligence to serve as president while 51 percent do not believe Trump has the ‘mental soundness’ to be in the White House. Just 42 percent think Trump has the intelligence to be president while 43 believe has the mental soundness to be president.

Despite Trump’s attempts to make the election about former Vice President Joe Biden’s mental acuity, 51 percent still believe Biden has the ‘intelligence’ to be president while 36 percent believe he does not. The poll found that 47 percent believe Biden has the “mental soundness” to be president compared to 39 percent who think he lacks the the mental soundness to be in the White House.

A majority also believe Biden has the judgment to serve effectively as president while a majority think Trump does not.

Trump’s poll numbers–and his standing in the most critical swing states–have plummeted as his approval rating on his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic has cratered since he began rambling at the coronavirus press conferences in March.

His re-election chances are increasingly tied to his Coronavirus approval rating, which has hit an all-time low. The Fox News poll found that Americans trust Biden by a 17-point margin to better deal with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Trump’s low Coronavirus approval rating has put Biden in a position to win record-levels of support in the suburbs for a Democrat, and it has also cut into the president’s support with one of the most important swing constituencies—white Catholics.

A Washington Post-ABC poll released over the weekend found that Trump has been losing support with white Catholics since March, when Trump led Biden by 13 points among this critical group. That lead is now down to just four points (51 percent to 47 percent). As ABC noted, ‘Trump won white Catholics by 61-37% in 2016.'”

Note, this poll was done before the acceptance speech by Joe Biden at the DNC Convention, which even Fox news and opinion people gave high marks. But, what the poll above does not measure is common decency and empathy. The most profound speech delivered at the convention was done by Brayden Harrington, a thirteen year old boy who stutters. He noted Biden has gone out of his way to share his history of stuttering with the boy, even offering tips that helped him.

For the life of me, I simply cannot envision the current president taking the time to do that.

A link to the article is below

16 thoughts on “Who do people believe is the most mentally sound per a Fox poll?

  1. Note to Readers: I think this poll was the instigation for Trump’s test to see if he was incapacitated. The one where he went into great detail to share how he aced such an exercise. Note, I wrote this so when a Trump supporter mentions their concern over Biden’s mental acuity, you can cite a Fox News poll that said Trump’s mental acuity and intelligence are in more question than Biden’s.

  2. a more pathetic image of grasping a flag by other word leaders, with such asinine facial contortions. I’ve searched google for *** embraces flag for Putin, Yeltsin, Adern, Johnson, Kim Il sung, and find none. So reminiscent of grabbing momma’s apron

    • David, you may recall the President Obama was given the devil for not wearing a flag pin, but it is OK to side with a Russian autocrat over US intelligence people. Trump can hug the flag all he wants, but as Senator John McCain wrote after the Helsinki affair noted above, Trump’s actions were traiterous. Keith

      • David, the term imbecilic grin seems apt. The fact some of his fans lap up this shallow jingoistic statement is sad. “Look at me, I’m hugging the flag! John McCain is not a hero for getting caught, but he look at me, I’m hugging the flag!” Keith

  3. This election can’t come soon enough (although we need adequate time to mail our ballots 🙂 ). I’m astonished and saddened that there are that many people who think 45 is smart and mentally stable enough for the job. It makes me wonder about their intelligence and mental stability.

  4. I can recall a time when elections were about policies.
    Also as a catholic I am saddened that so many fellow Catholics in the USA (and catholic columnists give Trump an easy time because of his fabricated pro-Life stance)

    • Roger, so true. We assumed a candidate had a modicum of decency, empathy and character. The tea leaves on Trump were all there for the reading. The only thing that has truly surprised me is the lack of competence. The corruption, deceit and bullying are not a surprise.

      Any devout person who rationalizes the actions and words of this president is disturbing. We all are sinners, but the hope is we will stop the sinning. The president has not stopped lying, bullying, name calling and cheating. Keith

      • Indeed Keith (sorry for the delay—long stories).
        Whereas I can accept the concept, with a shrug, of a person who had not stopped lying, bullying, name calling and cheating and revelling in it, the notion that millions of people are willing to follow him and applaud his actions is a very sad commentary on ‘The Human Condition’.
        Historically he is not particularly new, or even remarkable, there have been many like him down the centuries who courted one part of society by offending another.
        It’s the fact that it keeps on happening which is the worse part.

  5. Excellent points Keith. I saw a clip of Biden in an interview with ABC where he was asked about this very thing. I like his response: “Just watch me.” In other words, of course he’s mentally stable and able to do the job. This whole thing is nothing but a red-herring, a ridiculous projection attempt by this ridiculous president. He really is embarrassing himself.

    • Jeff, one thing for certain, is Trump has a hard time keeping tabs on his lies. As for Biden, he has a history of occasionally saying too much. He staked Obama’s position on gay marriage before Obama was ready, eg.

      Biden is a decent and empathetic man. The president is a narcissist, plain and simple. 176,000 people dying matters less than making the economy look good for reelection. And, that is one sad statement to make about a president. Keith

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