Alternate Republican Convention of anti-Trump Republicans goes on

Per a Wednesday, August 26 article in The Charlotte Observer by Jim Morrill called “From Charlotte, anti-Trump Republicans offer their own message in a counter-convention” , the alternate Republican convention convened online. It was scheduled to be in Charlotte, but COVID-19 caused the social media only session from a Charlotte TV studio.

The convention brought together the efforts of The Lincoln Project, Republicans for the Rule of Law, Republican Voters against Trump and other groups. Below are some excerpts from the article. As context, it is important to note what I heard on NPR today. The RNC did NOT vote on a platform at the national convention. One reporter said the platform is whatever Donald Trump comes up with.

‘Today’s Republican Party is the Trump party,’ said Mindy Finn, one of the organizers. ‘And they make it very clear in their rhetoric that you either support Trump wholeheartedly or you’re not one of them.’

From its Charlotte studio, the programming features virtual panel discussions and speeches by more than two dozen people. They include former FBI Director Jim Comey, former Republican national Chairman Michael Steele, former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci and Evan McMullin, a former CIA officer who ran an independent campaign for president in 2016.

Tuesday night’s lineup included former N.C. Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr, a longtime Republican Trump critic, addressing what he called the growing politicization of federal courts. ‘I have no confidence that Donald Trump can move beyond his disregard and disdain for the rule of law and the constitutional underpinnings of our judiciary,’ Orr said.

The Religion News Service ran a story about the convention’s appeal to evangelicals through speakers such as Mark Galli, the former editor-in-chief of Christianity Today. The Washington Post headlined an opinion column, ‘Republicans are putting on two conventions this week. One of them will be sane.’

Organizers say the first night’s livestream reached 23,000 viewers on YouTube and 10,000 on Facebook. Adding all the social media ‘shares,’ they say, makes for a total reach of hundreds of thousands.”

Now, this convention was dwarfed by the national RNC convention viewership, but it is incumbent on its members and people who care about truth, to make sure folks are aware that these voices are active and should be heard.

What has impressed me is the people behind this effort. Several of the groups are running effective ads that speak to the corrupt and deceitful bent of the president. The Republican Voters against Trump is particularly effective as people tell why they can no longer support Trump as they did before. As Joe Biden said in a rebuttal speech to Trump’s, this is happening on your watch.

The entire article is below.

18 thoughts on “Alternate Republican Convention of anti-Trump Republicans goes on

  1. It is encouraging to see that these republicans and former republicans comprehend the dangers of re-electing Trump. I just wonder, though, if there is any significant portion of the average republican voter who is doing the same? From what I hear and read, it seems doubtful, and while his poll numbers have dropped about 7% since his high in April, they are creeping back up, and I have little doubt that the circus act this week will rally the masses once again. It’s too bad the Republican National Committee stifled all competition early on, not even allowing challengers such as Bill Weld to be on the primary ballots in most states. They might have actually come up with a viable alternative.

  2. Chillingly you quote ”
    ” ‘Today’s Republican Party is the Trump party,’ said Mindy Finn, one of the organizers. ‘And they make it very clear in their rhetoric that you either support Trump wholeheartedly or you’re not one of them.’ ”
    Appears Trump’s adamant support core, who will vote is more firmly rusted on, than Mr Biden’s coalition of ideas salvaged from a broad church of Democrat ‘values’.
    Trump plays to the politics and time of the ‘Strong Man”.
    I skimmed a recent Michael Moore article, warning of a Trump 2020 victory, as he predicted in 2016. Mike’s been out and checked on the ground in the flyover states. Apparently, Mr Biden hasn’t.
    Trump knows well, “what you see is what you get”‘
    Its what Mindy says above.

    As you know, I’m down here Downunder.
    I pray Michael’s wrong.
    For you guys, its an existential crisis.
    I’m not sure praying helps!


    • David, it is alarming. I read Michael Moore’s piece. I shared it on a few sires to get out and vote. Biden needs to get his butt to Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, etc. Trump will go because he knows how to market his BS. Plus, Trump does not care as much about people being exposed to COVID-19 as he does their votes. Keith

      • True, Keith, Trump’s focus is on winning personally. Covid, as an issue will pass away within the fours years you folks are voting about. As you say Biden’s butt needs to be where he can show leadership outside the bubble

      • David, Hillary Clinton made this mistake, not going to Wisconsin, and Michigan and only once late to Pennsylvania. She lost the election in these three states by 100,000 votes in total. Keith

  3. In some ways this movement is heartening. But in so far as it is tiny in the grand scheme of things and will almost certainly draw votes away from Biden, I wish it were not happening. I am more impressed by the many Republicans who have come out publicly in favor of Biden.

    • Hugh, you are right on all counts. While the movement is heartening and the courage is admirable, the relative size is still of concern. I think the commercials are more effective with the Republican voters who say they cannot vote anymore for Trump. Keith

  4. It is admirable these people are willing to stand up for the traditional principals of their party instead of the rag-bag anti-Democrat mish-mosh Trump is peddling to gain the support the Loud wing of the Right. The latter will be all too happy to put up with another four years of populist chaos just so long as The Democrats are not in the Whitehouse. Not true American patriots at all.

    • Roger, well said. The American enemy is the absence of decency, empathy, and truth. This absence is the BS the president is peddling. It is a cancer on our country. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: What was not discussed at the more national convention headlining the president and his toadies is the precipitous decline in America’s reputation around the globe, with only 24% of non-Americans trusting America to do the right thing, the ongoing mishandling and misinformation of the pandemic response which has led to over 180,000 US deaths and counting and some who still do not take it seriously, and the fanning of the flames on racial unrest to win an election. This stuff is happening on Donald Trump’s watch. He cannot douse the flames when he is holding the gas can.

  6. Hello Keith. They are trying to rebuild their brand and I wish them luck. The US needs more than one party ruling the government taking actions against the wishes of the people. That is China. However if these people are going to reinvigorate their party name they are going to need to do a lot more refurbishing than tinker around the edges. Right now the Republicans have shrunk their membership to the point they are a minority party that needs to stop people from voting to stay in power. That is not democracy. They need to change the bigotry of the party so they can increase membership, but that will alienate the remaining current base. They need to learn to listen to the people for what the people want instead of wealthy religious donors who can raise them a restricted kind of vote. What I am trying to say is tRump did not create the Republican base, they are like him, but he only used what was there. I would say that if theses people you mention want to return the party to past glory they need to keep their fiscal message, keep their national security message, but dump all the divisive social issues. That is my thoughts. I still think they should pick a new name, take all the sane party members with them and run that. In a couple years the Republican party wouldn’t exist and the new “Republican” party will have the values sane Republicans are trying to save. Be well. Hugs

    • Scottie, agreed. They also need to denounce the president for his deviation from constitutional powers, ethics and laws that govern conduct. Obama was vilified for not wearing a flag pin, but Trump sides with dictators and extorts other countries for political gain. This is not right on multiple levels. Keith

  7. Note to Readers: The holding of this convention is still news to many, as are the existence of the Republican groups that sponsored it. It provides a good “Help me understand question…” or an added remark to a Senator who has lost his or her way.

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