Shut the front door – common ground can be found

I am not sure when it happened, but “shut the front door” became a funny euphemism for a more colorful saying. I have witnessed it being offered up as an excited way to say the person cannot believe what has just been uttered. I will leave you to your own devices to substitute the more colorful metaphor.

So, with this in mind, please feel free to utter “shut the front door” on these truthful events or comments:

– Novak Djokovic, the top-seeded men’s tennis player in this year’s U.S. Open, was disqualified after accidentally hitting a line judge with a ball during his match. On occasion, tennis players are prone to slam a ball with their racquet when they hit a bad shot. Djokovic hits the ball harder than almost anyone on the planet. The good news is the judge is alright and Djokovic was concerned and contrite after he did it, he apologized afterwards and spoke of his poor judgment later. Common ground after an unfortunate incident.

– Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an American hero, especially for her groundbreaking work for women’s rights. She had a colorful and exemplary career, and her love of opera is renowned. Apparently, she and her conservative justice Antonin Scalia both loved opera, so attended performances together. Common ground can be found if we look for it. Note, it is reported she was allowed to participate in a few operas in full costume, but only in a non-singing background role.

– Joe Biden and John McCain were friends. McCain was renowned for his Senate trips to visit troops or improve relationships abroad. Given McCain’s POW status for five years, where McCain refused to be released unless others were, he was against torture and maltreatment of prisoners of war. Biden accompanied McCain on these trips, along with a few other Senators, and mutual respect and friendship blossomed. Again, common ground can be found if we look for it.

– I read Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi used to write letters to each other. During 1909-10, “Gandhi solicited permission to redistribute Tolstoy’s writings among Indians, and Tolstoy in turn was pleased that his ideas were being put into practice. This collection of letters gives the reader an insight into this meeting of two great minds,” per GoodReads. Going one step further, Martin Luther King was inspired by Gandhi’s civil disobedience approach. Common ground over standing up to disenfranchisement.

Shut the front door. Common ground can be found in the unlikeliest of places. I did not mention the line judge’s name, as fans of Djokovic have been less kind. Yet, unlike an infamous politician, he recognized his mistake and made up for it and told his fans to cool their jets.

21 thoughts on “Shut the front door – common ground can be found

    • Thanks Janis. I think it is now PG rated, but I think it started out as a euphemism. We need that common ground, don’t we. As for common sense, I think it is attributed to Mark Twain that common sense is not all that common. Keith

  1. My late ex-husband used to say, “Well, shut my mouth”, meaning essentially the same as your “shut the front door”. I shan’t tell you what my expression for the same is, but I’m sure you already know. 😉

    All of these are great examples of people finding common ground despite their differences. It is sad and frustrating that of late we cannot seem to set aside our differences even long enough for a civil conversation. It seems we lack the people like Martin Luther King, John McCain, Gandhi these days, and instead we have people like Trump whose main goal seems to be to divide us. I did enjoy reading these stories, and was surprised by the friendship that developed between Tolstoy and Gandhi!

    • Jill, the Gandhi/ Tolstoy relationship surprised me as well. I had a variation of your husband’s saying – well hush my mouth. I love that Ginsburg and Scalia attended opera together. Thanks, Keith

      • As do I … further proof that we can have different ideologies and still be friends. Today, that seems about as possible as me sprouting wings and flying to the moon.

      • The only way is too avoid politics with people. Yet, I do think there is some common ground to be found, even with people we disagree with.

    • Thanks Hugh. I bet you would not have tolerated one of your players smashing the ball in anger. I remember the story that Jack Nicklaus tells. He said he threw his golf club once in anger in front of his father. HIs father took him off the course and said you will never do that again. Keith

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