One more court win than a dead man has

The outgoing US president continues to claim wide-scale voter fraud without proof and does so in a smug, of-course-everyone-knows, fashion. Apparently everyone does not know this, in particular, many Republican election officials, Secretaries of State, a Homeland Security election cybersecurity official and judges (even Trump appointed judges) who disagree.

Yet, what the outgoing president fails to broadcast to his followers, is out of about three dozen court cases claiming voter fraud, he has won the grand total of one small case, that threw out a few hundred votes. If you are counting, that is one more court win than a dead man has.

From an article called “In Harsh Rebuke, Appeals Court Rejects Trump’s Election Challenge in Pennsylvania” by Alan Feuer of The New York Times, the following paragraphs sum up what the vast other court cases are telling the outgoing president.

“In a blistering decision, a Philadelphia appeals court ruled on Friday that the Trump campaign could not stop — or attempt to reverse — the certification of the voting results in Pennsylvania, reprimanding the president’s team by noting that ‘calling an election unfair does not make it so.

The 21-page ruling by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals was a complete repudiation of Mr. Trump’s legal effort to halt Pennsylvania’s certification process and was written by a judge that he himself appointed to the bench. ‘Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy,’ Judge Stephanos Bibas wrote on behalf of the appeals court in a unanimous decision. ‘Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.’

‘Voters, not lawyers, choose the president,” the court declared at one point. “Ballots, not briefs, decide elections.’The court accused the Trump campaign of engaging in “repetitive litigation” and pointed out that the public interest strongly favored ‘counting every lawful voter’s vote, and not disenfranchising millions of Pennsylvania voters who voted by mail.’”

I am truly sorry to have to continue to write these posts on the petulant, dishonest and dishonorable acts of someone in a leadership position. The fact this person is saying these things is disappointing, but not surprising, since, that is his nature and he has planned to do this for six months, if he lost.

What is most disappointing is only a small few Republican so-called leaders have called out the outgoing president’s fraud. What is also disappointing, because of the staging over the last six months and predicted posturing on election night, for which announcers criticized him, his followers believe these fraudulent statements by this petulant person.

So, please forgive my posts sharing these court cases and ongoing concerns about this person. I will not be content until the president-elect is sworn in. Unfortunately, the person has forever tainted far too many voters who actually believe what this most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime says and tweets.

14 thoughts on “One more court win than a dead man has

    • Thanks David. Please feel free to share the title. I borrowed it from a coach who was goading a tall basketball player to get more rebounds than the one he had the game before. He said “you had one more rebound than a dead man.” Keith

  1. I really like that judge! And isn’t it the ultimate irony that the judge who was most scathingly critical of Trump’s claims is one that he himself appointed? Like you, Keith, I am sick and tired of writing about Trump, his fraudulent claims and his pathetic behaviour, but … we must stay informed. I read yesterday that Rudy said they are trying to decide which of these three dozen or so cases to take to the Supreme Court. I hope the Justices on the Court take their responsibility to the Constitution and to the people of this nation seriously.

    • Jill, it is possible SCOTUS won’t hear a case that has no legitimate evidence. As the judge said and as we know, just because someone says it does not make it so, especially so if his name is Trump. Keith

      • Jill, in a humorous and appropriate twist of fate, Frederick Eshelman is suing the Trump legal fee fundraising group to get back his $2.5 million due to dissatisfaction with results and efforts. What he fails to realize is he was funding a lost cause built on lies. That knowledge would have saved him some trouble. Keith

  2. only a small few Republican so-called leaders have called out the outgoing president’s fraud

    They are abject cowards, terrified of Trump’s rabid followers and worried that they’ll turn against the party in the Georgia runoff vote if the party stands up to him. And they clearly don’t much care about democracy, or facts.

    It is necessary to keep addressing this because Trump keeps pushing this nonsense, and he’s not the only one. Some right-wing news sites are still pushing the idea that abundant evidence of vote fraud will soon be revealed and the election will be overturned (example). They’re filling the heads of millions of idiots with false expectations.

    It is, at least, a positive sign that even Trump-appointed judges are sticking with the law and the facts in these cases. He hasn’t managed to corrupt the courts as effectively as we feared.

    • True on all counts. It is truly shameful that people are bastardizing their reputation. I have long stopped asking GOP officials is the person you want to spend your reputation on? The answer is unfortunately and sadly yes. Keith

  3. It is so idiotic how he claims that democracy was destroyed through the cheating in that election while he is doing exactly that: destroying democracy by not accepting the result of the election. How pitiful!

      • Yes, it is embarrassing to watch it that he cannot at least leave in dignity. He proves his actuall intention for being president over and over again… and he only worsens his legacy.

      • Erika, agreed. We need more Republican voices to call him out, but it may be too late to sway the minds of many, who think the election was stolen from him. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: I just watched Chris Krebs, head of cybersecurity for Homeland Security, a registered Republican who is well thought of by Senators from both parties. He shared why he said the election was so secure with the concerted work of many over 3 1/2 years. He was fired by the outgoing president because he countered the efforts to discredit the process. He stands by his team and named several election officials across the country who also said there was no fraud,

    Claim by claim was mentioned and he said that is nonsense, including claims made by the outgoing president. Unlike Trump, Giuliani and Powell, Krebs is very credible in my view.

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