A Low Judgment Area

My youngest son uttered the above title that tickled all of us. A relative was visiting us the other day and she has habit (like many of us) of apologizing for things she need not do so.

As she was uttering an unnecessary apology for something, my son said “Don’t worry, we are a low judgment area.” It tickled all of us, including the apologist. But, it is also true. We do our darnedest to try to be less judgmental.

One of our blogging friends likes to say it is OK to judge things, but it behooves us to base our judgments on facts rather than biases. So, when I use the term “judgment” I am referencing an effort to not be unfairly judgmental.

Getting back to my son, his statement was marvelous as it was a nice way to invite someone to speak. It was “inclusive” rather than “exclusive.” I like that very much.

Let’s all try to be in low judgment areas. It will do us an awful lot of good.

18 thoughts on “A Low Judgment Area

  1. ‘A low judgement area’; I like that, it reminds of the ‘Old Book’ s warning “Judge not, lest ye be judged”.
    The hardest task in the area is trying to maintain or commence civility with someone who embraces views which are not just opposite to yours but to you are inflammatory. Sometimes you can find a subject on ‘neutral ground’ which is good.
    I must remember ‘ a low judgement area’ though, very wise words from you and your youngest son Keith.

  2. Wow, that’s a fantastic statement your son made. It truly takes the tension from the apologist and opens the tolerance level to those around. Also, it brings some light humor to it which has a resolving effect. Need to keep this in mind. I like what your blogger friend says, and I agree. Judging is nothing bad, basically. But we need to be aware that it is still subjective.

  3. Note to Readers: Seeing Erika and Roger’s comments reminds me of someone Erika and I quote a lot, Dr. Wayne Dyer. One of my favorite talks of his is “defend the absent.” It us in keeping with “low judgment area” as Dyer would defend someone who is not present, when people start talking about him or her. He would tell the group, “since he or she is not here, I will defend him or her as the discussion continues.” It was his way of showing the group no one is perfect, but also do not deserve to be talked out behind his or her back.

  4. A “low judgement area” … I like it … I really like it! We should all live in such areas! Methinks that the son is so wise because of the influence of his parents! Thumbs up 👍 to you and your wife!

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