Mama told me not to come

Three Dog Night had so many great songs, but when they sang Randy Newman’s song “Mama told me not to come,” they struck a nerve with many. As teens, we wanted to listen less to our parents and more to our friends.

Even when our friends may be leading us down a perilous path, we will continue onward. Even when Mama told us that the path may be fraught with perils, we knew better and we ventured onward. The Three Dog Night song speaks to the realization by our teen selves that walking down that path or, in this case, going to an ill-advised party may have been a mistake. Not wanting to listen to Mama did not make her opinion less valid.

Why am I thinking of this song? I am trying  to put myself in the heads of people who voted for our President as they begin to realize who they voted for. I read a statistic last week from The Los Angeles Times that 11% of Trump voters have regrets. Going beyond the inane tweets, the consistent lying and puzzling incoherence and incompetence, he has submitted a budget and supports the repeal and replacement plan for the ACA which kick his voters in the teeth. This is already after he signed a bill in his first two hours to take away a mortgage premium reduction that would have helped a million Americans and his intention to cease or hamstring the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that helps multiple millions of Americans from aggressive and fraudulent financial practices.

“Mama told me not to come,” will be that song which echoes over the cognitive dissonance that will be dished out in spades to Trump voters.


40 thoughts on “Mama told me not to come

    • Janis, cognitive dissonance is very powerful, so it will take a lot of disharmony to overcome this for some. But, if he continues down a path of kicking his voters in the teeth, once they realize they elected a con artist, it will get very ugly for him even more than now. Keith

  1. I was shocked when I heard how much he will invest into armament and military and cuts the support of social services and education. Back at the social stone age. Only the rich are allowed to be healthy and educated! I am surprised there are not more than 11 % regretting their choice!

    • Erika, he is investing in might, which won’t win too many new wars. Investing less in diplomacy is a huge mistake as the best battle is the one avoided. Investing less in helping people is shameful. In America, more folks in poverty are in rural areas, who voted for Trump. This is his thanks. Keith

      • It is all shameful from beginning to end. It is not the country nor the people he feels obliged to but only his hunger for power!!

      • Erika, the man has consistently shown us what he is all about – he cares about only one thing, Donald Trump. Why folks forgot that, I have no idea. Keith

      • That’s what we discussed today at the breakfast table! What I cannot understand is that he is a business man and leading a country can also be compared to leading a business but what he does is destroying it!

      • Erika, what too few know, his marketing skills far exceed his management skills. His business career has a spotty, but successful record. Yet, it is peppered with bad decisions. We are seeing this as President. He has to deliver now and his first two months are flavored with equal parts chaos, incompetence and lying. Keith

  2. I wish the one or two friends that i admire, who voted for “HIM” would have already come to this realization but NOOOOooo, I just asked. There are two sides to the coin I guess and while I believe they got “tails” or the butt end of the coin, they still believe they got heads.

    Glad love ’em so much.

    • Dru, thanks for checking. Do they follow real news at all? Do they know that McMaster, Mattis, Kelly, Tillerson and Pence are apologizing for him to our allies? Do they know about his budget? Do they know that every legitimate spy agency here and in the UK as well as House and Senate committees do not support his Obama wiretapping claim. The 11% is only going to grow. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,

    I am in total agreement that the 11% suffering from buyers remorse for voting for DT will continue to increase, but it will take more time. When they turn, he is toast. When DT’s republican legislators are no longer fearful of a twiitter war with his followers/ voters, they may finally stop enabling and covering up for him.

    This can’t happen soon enough for me.

    Ciao, Gronda

  4. Note to Readers: Interesting, but depressing news out of the G20. There were several 19 to 1 votes where the US was the lone vote. There was also an 18 to 2 vote on again referencing climate change, where the US and Saudi Arabia voted no. Our President continues to make us an outlier in a world we should be galvanizing.

  5. I find it amazing that so many have still, even after the budget he submitted on Thursday, failed to wake up and realize that they have been had. I had not heard the 11% quote, but I hope it is true. Just last night I saw multiple posts defending him and saying he is doing a ‘great’ job at ‘taking America back’, whatever the heck that is supposed to mean. Herb overheard a man in a bar a few nights ago say that he regretted his vote, but that is the first one I have heard of. What is most immediately important, I believe, is that members of both Senate and House begin to see the light and stand up to Trump. Let us hope that budget gets kicked all the way off the hill! Good choice of a song, by the way … I always did like that one!

    • Thanks Jill. I think many people in general, not just Trump voters, just don’t pay attention to news, much less real news. So, their outlets for whatever goes as information is none or Facebook or Twitter. If they are only following Trump on twitter for information, that is as biased and inaccurate source out there.

      I was toying with doing a fun post about Three Dog Night, hence the song. I could listen to them anytime. Keith

      • You are quite right! Sigh. I hope you do the fun post! It’s always good to step away and have some fun with our blogs … hopefully it keeps us sane 🙂

      • Jill, very true. With my mother’s passing plus related issues, having this man as President, has been unsettling. Keith

    • Lisa, I agree, but the key is the paying attention to the daily antics. See my note above to Jill. Too many of his followers hang on his words as the unvarnished truth, when the man would not know the truth if he tripped up over it. Keith

  6. Note to Readers: Taking this ill-fated party attendance one step further, picture a Trump voter walking in and seeing Steve Bannon going between members of the KKK, Nazi Party and Skinheads on one end and men with suits and ties on the other. In the middle are several folks who are wearing their MAGA ball caps made in Bangladesh. The voter sees what is going on and overhears the inane banter and asks what am I doing hear?

  7. It’s interesting that you chose the Three Dog Night Keith. The Baby Boomers accomplished many things that improved the quality of our lives but no generation is perfect. The one lesson that we most needed to learn from our parents is that tending to the health and welfare of our citizens is
    part of a strong National defense. Cuts to public education make us vulnerable to lies. Cuts to public health make us vulnerable to disease. And how can a nation that allows people with mental illness to die on its streets tout itself as a defender of human rights? Our credibility as a principled nation also makes us strong.

    • Thanks. They also had a song about taking care of our world. You are dead on accurate about how this regime is going against the grain. By not doing the things you note as well as not taking care of the environment, we are making us less safe and certainly not great. The Dept of Defense says climate change is a threat to national security, so what does are president do? Keith

      • Based on public evidence I strongly believe that Trump and his team are a Russian occupation of our government.

        I expect them to do everything in their power to discredit the American Democracy and the government of the United States.

        I also expect all Americans to fight this in any way they can. Calling a rep once a day is enough.

      • Rob, I would stop short of that and say he is beholden to many in Russia for financial and electoral help. As I shared with Gronda, will he be influenced to some action to eliminate a debt to someone who loaned him money? This does need to be investigated as too many things are amiss. Keith

  8. I suspect America has lot more shocks in store before Trump’s followers really start to have doubts. Before they begin to wonder where the new jobs are, where the money for the Mexican wall is coming from and when the vastly superior care package is coming.
    I think the man has a black heart and will never accept the blame for anything that goes wrong. Very little will stop him until the Republicans in the Senate say enough is enough and people come first.

    • David, you would think accusing a President of wiretapping, then doubling and tripling down on the lie when quite a few of formal sources have said their is no evidence would be more indicting. I caught Fox and Friend in a restaurant this morning and the focus was on Bill Clinton also denying things. But, the key difference lost on the cast was Trump did the accusing and often does so. Plus, the lies are much more rampant with our current President, as that his nature and history. Keith

  9. Note to Readers: A Reuters/IPSO poll has The Donald’s approval ratings falling to 37% with a disapproval rate in the high 50s. Reasons cited in the poll is the handling of healthcare and climate change on top of the wiretapping and Russian issues. It had increased to 45% after his one reasonable speech, but dramatically fallen in less than two weeks.

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