And the band played on

Earlier this week, a fifteen year old decided that he should bring a gun to school in Marshall County, Kentucky. Two teens are dead and 18 more are wounded. Less noticed is that there were 81 other shooting incidents that same day in America leaving 28 dead and 40 wounded per the LA Times.

Per the New York Times, the Marshall County shooting was the eleventh on school grounds just this year, with three occurring the very same week in Winston-Salem, NC, New Orleans, LA and Italy, TX, Just toward the end of last year, there were shootings at the following high schools:

– 9/13/2017: Freeman High School in Rockford, WA where a 15 year old killed one and wounded three students.

– 9/20/2027: Mattoon High School in Mattoon, IL where a 14 year old wounded one student.

– 12/7/2017: Aztec High School in Aztec, NM where a 21 year old former student killed three students.

The two horrific shooting tragedies last year at a church in Texas and concert in Las Vegas were not enough to elicit action – now isn’t the time to make knee jerk actions we were told by serious minded leaders in the pocket of the NRA. I am still dismayed that after Sandy Hook Elementary shooting which killed twenty-six, now was not the time was said then as well.

Well, let me ask a simple question. When is the time? How many children, teens and adults have to die for it to be time. The LA Times reports that 60% of Americans want  gun laws to be stricter. An Elon Univeristy survey a couple of years ago pegged universal background checks and elongated waiting periods at even higher rates of preference by Americans.

To be brutally frank, we are well passed time. For those who give the standard NRA fed response that certain changes would not stop certain crimes, the answer is “obviously doing nothing isn’t preventing them either.” Politicians it is time to stop worrying about keeping your job and start doing your job. We need leaders to think  more like parents and grandparents and less like politicians scared of lobbyists.

16 thoughts on “And the band played on

    • Janis, the relative silence speaks volumes. My guess is potential travelers or students to our country have thought about our gun violence, if only fleeting. Keith

  1. More families in torment.
    The answer from some quarters seems to be to arm the teachers, which leads to the scenario of a shoot-out in a class room. Then I suppose the next suggestion will be to put body armour on the teachers.
    A recall SF stories back in the 1960s along the lines of futures where rampant use of guns was enshrined into law.

    • Roger, this is the definition of insanity. When the solution to a problem is to make more of that problem available, it must be recognized as insane. I have read and heard that college mental health counsellors say having access to guns on campus is the dumbest idea possible. There is a higher rate of depression on campuses than in general society and all it takes is one impulsive act. The folks abroad must think our leaders are idiots. Keith

      • Yes volatile young people and guns ‘What could possibly go wrong?’
        Blood on Your Hands NRA.

      • Agreed. Sadly, the NRA started out as a gun safety organization. They could have been a helpful, rather than adversarial organization. Today, they are more about gun sales.

      • I would respect them if they promoted gun safety over anything else, now they seemed to be locked into some warped idea of freedom of the individual.

  2. Dear Keith,

    It must be obvious that with the NRA owning the republicans that the time will never come when the GOP stands up to the NRA to do the right thing. Sensible gun control measures will only happen when the DEMS own enough seats in both houses of the US Congress to pass effective legislation.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, I was thinking about that horrible commercial that Trump sanctioned tying murders by illegal immigrants to Democrats. And, yet doing nothing to at least dampen gun deaths with even some better governance is dismissed because of “the slippery slope argument.” Just a few measure would help some. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: This weekend, four more Americans were killed in a car wash about fifty miles from Pittsburgh. It received little coverage which shows how inured we are to gun deaths here. Near my city, a nineteen your old was killed as a cashier at the Peach Stand, which sells local produce and other food. She was killed for no reason and the police are still trying to figure out the motive. She was a light in the community having traveled to Africa to help with impoverished villages.

    I have suggested thus before, but count the number of gun deaths in your paper for a week or month. These are the daily tragedies which are commonplace.

  4. I had to laugh (then cry) over the latest snippet of wisdom to come from the round lips of Orange. Something to the effect that if there had been guns on the ground, pointing up at Mandalay Hotel, far fewer people would have died in the Las Vegas shooting. He forgets to factor in the friendly (panicked) fire that would result from all those armed “saviors” trying to figure out who in hell was shooting at them. Can we say, wild west shoot out?

    • It would be funnier if it wasn’t so sad. I recall someone at the Aurora theater a few years ago was armed, but he said he could not see with the darkness and smoke. Plus, it is a lot harder to shoot someone when being shot at.

  5. Note to Readers: Just yesterday in LA, a twelve year girl shot two fifteen year olds at middle school. They fortunately were not killed, but one is in serious condition, I believe. We need a serious “out of the pool” command from some higher being saying “please fix this.”

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