When people pull the Nazi card, they better have a good reason

Republican Congressman Peter King of New York has pulled the Nazi card. He said NFL football players who choose not to stand for the national anthem are being Nazis. The President said during one of his ramblings that maybe these NFL protesters don’t belong in our country.

Really? Exercising one’s 1st Amendment rights of free speech is being a Nazi and worthy of deporting? Do you guys know what the Bill of Rights says? I remember the country group The Dixie Chicks” being vilified for questioning the US invasion into Iraq. Not only did they have that right, but they were right to question it. Senator Jim Webb said on the floor of the Senate, if we invade Iraq, be prepared to stay for thirty years. And, Senator John McCain recently lamented invading Iraq was a mistake,

We have every right to civilly protest in our country, even against the actions and lies of our thin-skinned President or any of his predecessors. That is the way this Democracy works. That document it is attached to makes an important reference to “We the people.”

But, I have never been a fan of people pulling the Nazi card. It is a lazy argument meant to paint something they don’t like with an evil color. Unless you are talking about the genocide of millions of people, squelching dissension and invading other countries, pulling the Nazi card is an asinine label. In fact, Nazis were forced to salute allegiance to a murderous regime or be sent away with the intellectuals, Jews, gays, gypsies, etc. This makes King’s argument even more off base.

To be frank, both King and Trump owe these protesters an apology. They are exhibiting a courage that neither man seems to possess. These players are risking their jobs to say being Black should not deny people opportunity and safety in our country. Like The Dixie Chicks, these NFL players have every right to protest and are also right.

As for King and Trump, they may want reread that 1st amendment. It is the one that precedes the 2nd one, which they should read as well. By the way, there is a real life Nazi Party in the US, as permitted by our Constitution. It would be interesting to see who most of this party voted for in 2016?


23 thoughts on “When people pull the Nazi card, they better have a good reason

    • Thanks Janis. Republicans brag about being constitutionalists, but I frankly have trouble with that before, but especially after Trump.

  1. Dear Keith,

    I concur. I don’t give an inch for those who want to squash protest and dissent. These are part of the pillars that move our country on a whole host of issues. Progress with civil rights and other rights like with same sex marriage, women serving in the military, women in the work place would not have happened without these pillars.

    We still have a long way to go but we need those kids from Parkland H.S. to protest for reasonable gun control measures.

    The NFL players kneeling are protesting to bring attention to the too frequent mistreatment of peoples by law enforcement. This is an important issue that needs to be publicized,

    We need to promote civil protests and dissent, not stamp it out.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Hugh, great point. We have a vindictive President who punishes critics and now King, who should know better. I think Mr. King deserves all the pushback he will receive. Keith

  2. Excellent post, Keith!!! I love it when you get fired up! Yes, the protesters are the ones in the right, and King was so far off base, as was Trump in his comments. In my book, Colin Kaepernick and all those who followed in his footsteps (kneeprints?) are heroes. King is a narrow-minded man, as is Trump. As Hugh said, this nation was founded on protest … it is We The People who must keep our government honest, who must make our voices heard. I am hoping that the Players Association, who were not consulted, can impact the NFL decision, but I don’t know enough about it to say for sure. Thanks for a great post, and for the mention and link back to my blog! I appreciate it!

    • Jill, you are most welcome. Your post has more details on the subject. I will be calling the Congressman tomorrow. I hope I can speak with a staff member. Thanks, Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I have written a few earlier posts condemning those who equate policies they do not like with Nazism. My personal favorites are three different politicians running for the GOP nomination as President have likened Obamacare to Nazism, Apartheid, and even slavery. My comment then as it is now, Obamacare is imperfect and needs improvement, but trying to get more people covered on healthcare is slavery or Apartheid? Really? These people need to be called on the carpet for their purposeful deceitful remarks, including the President.

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