$60 Billion, James Mattis and ISIS

Here is a sample letter I posted to a few Senators’ websites. Please feel free to adapt and use with your Senators and Congressperson. I encourage people to reach out to their legislators, commenting on good work and needed efforts.


Senator, three thoughts to chew on:

– the southern border wall will take $30 billion to build and $30 billion to maintain – it is not a just $5 billion issue. It also will do little to solve a problem which is blown out of proportion (per new Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney when he called it a “simplistic solution” in 2015).

– James Mattis’ resignation is very troubling as we lost a brilliant mind who understands the value of global relationships and the history behind them. We lost a key governor of a mercurial and ill-informed man and the world and our nation is a less safe place. A wall cannot overcome these concerns.

– I understand the reason for leaving Syria, but the work is not done and this was handled in a very offensive way, not conferring with allies, Congress and our military leaders. It shows a lack of good faith dealing which is par for the course with this ego-centric President.

Please protect our nation’s interests addressing real problems. Also, please safeguard Robert Mueller, as this investigation may be our best hope to remedy a major problem in the White House, which is fast-getting out of control. The Trump legacy will haunt our planet, nation and the Republican party, which has lost its footing.


14 thoughts on “$60 Billion, James Mattis and ISIS

  1. I plan to get this out today Keith. Perfectly expressed and needs to be read by all of congress even if they continue to draw sides and the Republican’s continue to show a lack of spine and cowardice and lack of allegiance to the USA.

    • Holly, many thanks. The continuing Senator and incoming one from Florida need to hear these messages. What his followers fail to realize is the severe damage this man is doing. Thanks for pushing this message forward. Keith

      • It’s hard for me to believe that these intelligent people don’t see exactly what this man is doing. Just today caught in more lies and talking politics to our military. Shame on them all.

      • Holly, I agree. I believe they know their boss is not very truthful and ill-informed. They choose to ignore this at our and their peril. When the s**t really hits the fan, they will reap what they sow. Keith

    • Thanks Jill. Being in Ohio, you have one of each party as Senators. They need to see this kind of message. They know the damage being done, but need to be reminded that we also know it. Keith

      • Yes, we do have Portman and Brown — I like Brown and can’t stand Portman, predictably. But, as an added bonus, my district has a member of the House Freedom Caucus, Warren Davidson, to whom I send email, letters, and make phone calls weekly, and also Jim Jordan, the leader of the Freedom Caucus, is also from Ohio, though not my district. We are full of worms and vile creatures in this state!

      • Jill, Portman seems more reasonable than he is. I wish he would live more up to some of his better angels. Keep hammering at the GOP members. They know these things about Trump, but we have to keep reminding them that his is not acceptable behavior or actions. Check out Jennifer Rubin’s (a conservative) piece in The Washington Post. Hers and Thomas Friedman’s piece of last week are as indicting as they come and not the many cracks in Trump’s GOP wall (pun intended). Keith

  2. Note to Readers: I may write a future post about this, but how would you feel if the President of your company held up business and you did not get paid? Or, you got laid off? That autopsy mortgage or rent payment will now bounce.

    How would you feel if he derided people and other leaders in front of you as you are in harm’s way? How would you feel if he flat out lied about a raise you would not get?

    People are impacted by this BS. The same is true with the ACA machinations that increased premiums. This is real money to them and they deserve a leader who is truthful and not petty.

  3. Dear Keith,

    I’ll do likewise by sending this well crafted note to my 2 Florida senators who are now both GOP members. If I was still a republican, I would claim that the 2018 elections must have been rigged.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Thanks Gronda. As a former Repiblican, one of the concerns I have is the orchestrated effort through ALEC to restrict African-American and college student voting and gerrymandering. On the latter, both sides have gerrymandered, but now it is with a laser like focus.

      So, the question is why must a party restrict votes to win? Call me crazy, but that means their message is poor. Keith

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