Saturday in the park – once again

The rain has stopped and the sun is shining. So, we will celebrate with a nice hike in a close-by park trail. Hopefully, the trail won’t be too slushy.

Here are a few thoughts to chew on this weekend, in no particular order.

Note to expressive incoming Congressional representatives. Even though the President acts like what you call him, derogatory name-calling is not productive. It is even more true with this President who relishes mud fights simply because he does not need to know facts to win. Please stick to the issues and his actions and words.

Speaking of said man, he says he will do what it takes in shutting down the government to get his wall. Excuse me, but what sacrifices are you making Mr. President? It seems the federal workers who work under your watch are worried sick about mortgage, rent and bill payments and spending on groceries and prescriptions. What precisely are you sacrificing Mr. President?

What saddens me about the Republican Senators is they know their leader is largely untruthful and does not deal in good faith. This man screwed them over before Christmas reneging on a deal, yet again. Conservative columnist David Brooks said it best on PBS Newshour last night. If you get a deal with Donald Trump, get it in writing.

Lastly, let’s give a shout out to our newly elected Congress that looks more like America. It is indeed an exemplar of what our country should be all about. Whether people like the new Speaker or not, Nancy Pelosi is an effective leader and has a bipartisan record to prove it. She is far from perfect, but she is much closer to that paragon than another person in a place of leadership who I may have mentioned above.

Happy trails to you, until we meet again.

11 thoughts on “Saturday in the park – once again

  1. Have a great hike, my friend, and try to put all the detritus out of your mind (I know — it’s not possible these days, but try).

    I fully agree about Rashida Tlaib’s comment … I appreciate her enthusiasm, but that was not in the least bit helpful and may have given republicans something to latch onto and blow out of proportion.

    Happy Weekend!

    • Jill, thanks. We had a nice walk. Your comment at the end is apt to define politics – never let an opportunity pass to blow something out of proportion. We have a President who demeans people daily and often, yet the OMG reaction to her cursing will be blown out of proportion.


  2. Note to Readers: On the way to the park, we listened to a favorite radio show “Wait, wait, don’t tell me.” LaVar Burton was on and played a current events game with them. After being complimented on his “Reading Rainbow” show on PBS, the host asked if he could use those skills to get the President to read more. After the audience chuckled, Burton said “The President said he does not like to read,” and then he paused and said “And, I believe him.” That is funny,

  3. I absolutely agree with your assessment of the incoming Congresswoman’s comment. She cheapens herself and loses credibility when she stoops to such a low.

    Man’s response to Federal Worker’s worries: Don’t worry. Just file for bankruptcy. It worked for me!

    I wouldn’t even trust a written deal with the devil.

    Enjoy being outside!

    • Linda, thanks. You reminded of a quick true story. A man on a voter panel was in construction and knew enough about working with the Trump Organization to say the following, “Word on the street, if you are dealing with Trump, get your money upfront.”


      • Linda, it is an oldy but goody. When I was reading “Fear,” by Bob Woodward, I came across a similar comment from his former National Security Advisor, Gary Cohn. As President of Goldman Sachs, he had a standing rule for his people to NOT do business with the Trump Organization, as they were untrustworthy. Keith

    • Janis, it does indeed. The lesson is lost is when we use these comments, it gives the right to others to use them back. Then, nothing gets solved. What scares the US President most is a person armed with facts who knows how to civilly and effectively use them. Someone could easily and often say to him, “Mr. President, I do not find that to be true.” Then, they could push back. Keith

  4. Dear Keith,

    I love walks in the park or along the beach. It’s a great way to do some reflecting.

    As for Rashida Tlaib’s commentary, i feel bad for her being caught on video because as you said, this was not constructive to the competent image that I want the Democrats to portray to the public.

    But this will hopefully be a lesson to all the freshmen. Anything they say and do in public is subject to be video-taped. There has been no coverage as to who did the video-taping. These Freshmen have to get that they will be subject to trolling.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, the phones will be rolling everywhere. I was tickled that Senstor Graham said he wanted a sane Democrat to negotiate. Really? Have you taken s pulse on your guy? Keith

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