I heard that…

Misinformation abounds, in general, but especially regarding the coronavirus. And, it is easily passed along, not just by politicians whose mission may be self-serving more so than altruistic, but by people who are trying to be helpful.

Listen and read what people in the public health or medical profession are saying. My previous post spoke of living our lives, but we still need to heed cautions.

People are reacting in various ways. A crisis brings out the best and worst instincts in people. It also reveals their insecuritues and other imperfections. But, at the heart of the matter, it shows how vulnerable we are.

Our friend Jill focused today on several folks doing good things in this time of crisis. A link to her post is provided below. Our friend Roger and I spoke of those who are hoarding, price-gouging and taking advantage of the crisis.

Quite simply, social distancing does not give one license to be a jerk. We can still be friendly and meet and greet from six feet away.

Yet, let’s not pass along misinformation. Facebook is attempting to pull down such posts. A key rule of thumb is if it sounds incredulous, it most likely is. It is like the countless bogus conspiracy theories, why questions can help diffuse them.

Finally, sources of information known to be less than truthful or factual are not suddenly going to be more accurate. If they appear that way, it is based on the knowledge they can no longer mask their lies. Good People Doing Good Things — Helpers In These Trying Times

8 thoughts on “I heard that…

  1. Thanks so much for the mention, Keith! One sentence in this post stood out and made me smile: “Quite simply, social distancing does not give one license to be a jerk.” So true!!! These are the times that try men’s (and women’s) souls … some are failing the test miserably, while others are flying high.

    • Thanks Jill. I went for a walk on a popular hiking trail today. People were friendly and glad to be out in nature. It made me feel hopeful. Keith

      • When I went to bed last night … er, this morning … I decided that I would get up and go for a walk once the sun came up. Trouble is … the sun stayed hidden and we had so much rain that I now have riverside property! Maybe tomorrow … it is the best way I know to clear the detritus out of the mind. Glad you had an enjoyable walk!

      • Thanks Jill. I hope you can get out today and walk some. Yesterday, I came upon four sets of high school runners – three female, one male. It waa good to see the teams working out together. Keith

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Jill’s post. I think most people are essentially kind and it does my good to see this hopeful theory played out real time. I’m still getting scam calls on my phone, though (I don’t pick up any calls from numbers that I don’t recognize). A bit disheartening that some people still find the time to be evil.

    • Janis, it is sad that scam artists are taking advantage of a crisis. Jill does a weekly post celebrating good people. She is very thorough in her research in her posts from rants to raves and inbetween. Keith

    • Thanks Hugh. I saw a post where conspiracy theories abound about the coronavirus. We used to be able to ignore people on the street shouting at the wind. Now, social media gives these strident folks air time. Of course, this is how Alex Jones makes his living. Keith

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