Voting for Trump is not a favorable vote for Bernie

Note the following is a comment I made on our friend’s Jill’s recent post. See link below.

I have written separate posts on the relative veracity of Biden and Sanders. I have commented on a couple of progressive sites as well. I will vote for Sanders if he is the nominee, but I favor Biden. I am an independent who is fiscally conservative and socially progressive. I believe in helping people, but we need to make sure we pay for it and are getting a ROI (i.e. – is this the best way to help?).

Biden and Sanders are genuine and decent people. Neither are perfect, but I don’t find myself questioning the veracity of what they say. None of these descriptions fit the bill with the incumbent. I also recognize what too many don’t that America’s economic system is a blend of fettered capitalism with socialist underpinnings. That simple statement would blow people’s minds.

The question we need to ask is what is the proper balance? That question does not fit on a bumper sticker which is how the president got elected. I am just saddened that our reputation around the world has declined with 64% of Europeans not trusting the president trusting Putin and Xi more. To be frank, I am surprised it is not higher in distrust, as I don’t trust a word he says.

And, neither does Bernie Sanders who calls him a “pathological liar.” So, when I see Bernie fans say they would vote for Trump over Biden it is a puzzlement. I think it is an insult to everything Bernie stands for. I would also caution my more ardent Bernie friends to make sure who they are getting their information from, as it easily might be a Trump supporter masquerading as a Bernie Bro. Trump has and will stoop low to get reelected.

Finally, my friend Bernie is not getting the votes like last time. I was pulling for a good interview on “60 Minutes,” but his subtle answer to a question about Cuba cost him Florida in huge way. One Democrat said it may have lost Florida for the Dems if he wins the nomination. Trump cannot win if he does not carry Florida.

So, I do hope we rally around Biden. Otherwise, the climate change and environmental fights will be lost for a key four year period (per Greta and AOC) and SCOTUS will likely become a 7 to 2 conservative majority along with other judges. This point galvanizes Republicans as Mitch McConnell knows he can shape a future of jurisprudence that favors big business and is diminishes civil rights for forty years.

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4 thoughts on “Voting for Trump is not a favorable vote for Bernie

  1. To vote for Trump for some twisted tactical reason is not at all wise. It will suggest Trump has a larger support base than he truly has. It will it turn encourage his actual supporter base. This will then make those undecided to either (a) Still despite all evidence to the contrary not bother to vote (b) Feel in some odd quirky way since he is the president they know they should stay with him (c) Cause vicious in-fighting with the democrats with calls of ‘Traitor’ and ‘J’accuse’ (or the US equivalent, again only serving Trump.

    • Roger, I am reading “The Fifth Risk,” by well regarded author Michael Lewis. In
      essence, the US is jeopardy and has little idea of how great. Trump’s incompetently handled transition has gone incomplete, largely unbriefed, allowing significant levels of intellectual capital without the transition of knowledge or the greatest risks facing our country. Lewis actually asked for the briefings and unclassified materials, the incoming Trump folks never asked to see.

      I am still reading the book, but the risks are far greater than I imagined. Calling this White House ill-informed is an understatement. And, so few want to tell the president what he cares not to know. Keith

      • Roger, I agree. I do not look for the truth from Donald Trump. He has earned that mantle. People who have to routinely tell me what a great job their doing, especially with evidence to the contrary, should be treated with suspicion. And, that is sad. Keith

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