Be careful of what you read, even if comments in your own blog

As an independent voter who tries to stay well read from legitimate sources, I continue to get puzzled by the level of vitriol and zeal in some comments on various blogs. I do not mind if someone is more conservative than me on some issues or more progressive. Tell me what you think without telling me I must be insane for believing the way I do or someone else does.

I read in the news Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is dropping out of the race and supporting Joe Biden, even though she does not agree with all of his positions. Of course not, there is not a candidate running that anyone can rightfully claim they agree with every position he or she has taken or is taking. If they do, then they are not being truthful with themselves.

I don’t agree with everything Biden or Bernie Sanders posit, but I would vote for either one over the incumbent president who I view as corrupt, untruthful and bullying. Both Biden and Sanders are decent people. I cannot say the same for the current president, who will only do something decent if it helps his image.

But, my main thrust is be mindful of your sources. There is one progressive blog I follow where I am convinced a frequent and lengthy contributor is not what he or she seems. I actually think the person is a Trump or Russian troll doing very zealous and heavy lifting to garner victory for the incumbent. I may be wrong, but the zeal and frequency of comments far exceed that of the blog’s host who welcomes other opinions.

One of my other blogging friends was visited by a Russian troll to the point the blogger had to block the commenter. How can one tell? You really can’t. I may be dead wrong, but I worry how blogs can be taken over by someone who tries to own your blog. I have had a few bizarre commenters in the many years, one where the theme of the post is hijacked for other messaging.

So, please be careful of what you read and where you read it. Misinformation abounds. So, does disinformation. Do I worry that this is or may happen to my blog? Of course. I do not mind passion or zeal. But neither give someone permission to take someone’s head off. I fortunately follow some very good bloggers who welcome push back, provided it is done civilly. I am fortunate many of these bloggers follow mine in return.

So, let’s just be civil. Let’s remember that Golden Rule which can be found in most religious texts. Just like politicians, there are no perfect bloggers or commenters. This one included.

14 thoughts on “Be careful of what you read, even if comments in your own blog

  1. I’ve had my share of obnoxious commentors, and I tolerate, in fact welcome, opposing viewpoints up to the point where they become disrespectful to me or my readers, then I give one warning and after that they are blocked. I will never forget the first one I had to block, a gun nut named James Springer who had the audacity to wish me dead and even offered to help make that happen. Needless to say, he is now persona non grata. For the most part, though, I get mostly supportive and civil comments, and sometimes even a bit of constructive back-and-forth.

    • Jill, thanks for your comment. You have seen a lot on your blog and others. You are so right to block someone who threatens harm. That is simply not right. Yours is one of the more well researched blogs I follow and it is recognized by many. Thanks, Keith

  2. My blog topics aren’t usually very controversial so I have been mostly left alone by trolls or people leaving nasty comments. Also, the first few times a person leaves a comment, it goes automatically to a pending file, which seems to work pretty well. Some people just have too much time on their hands – a situation which may get worse as we shelter in place.

  3. True words here, Keith. Too much is said and spread in general and in these days in particular. Regarding those blog trolls, made my experiences too. As it was said, I don’t have a problem when people see things differently. Actually, I welcome different opinions which open up more points of view possibly not seen. But I am not amused when people try to convince me that they have the only correct point of view and I have to agree. I only blocked 2 people so far within my 5 years of blogging. But lately, one person was close to becoming number 3… lol.

      • It is like in real life, isn’t it? Absolutely true, Keith, no bothering with people who take the joy of blogging and try to destroy the union of our wonderful community in which everybody may just be who they are!

      • Well said, Erika. I know someone who is as big a narcissist as the US president. I decided many moons ago to minimize contact. It was too debilitating to have too much contact.

  4. Note to Readers: You have seen my phrase “never argue with a street preacher.” Online, it may be hard to ascertain at first who the street preachers are. So, we might OK an initial comment, only to be stunned by future zealous remarks.

  5. I tend to avoid political statements in my blog so I have not had many trolls. Perhaps they find the topics I write about too boring! But I will keep my eye open. Thanks for the advice.

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