A needed idea or two

When “Saturday Night Live” first aired, they would end the funny news segment with a repeat of the top story for the hearing impaired. Chevy Chase would re-read the top story, while Garrett Morris, would shout out what Chase was reading.

If Republican Senators and leaders cannot get the president to stop doing his press conferences, maybe we need to bring out a Garrett Morris type character who would shout out over the president. The Morris character could shout, please do not accept the words of the president as the truth. What he just said is not only wrong, it is harmful.

Absent that, maybe a correspondent with some gravitas could ask the president if he actually believes what he just said? Maybe, he or she could say, are you joking or being sarcastic, as we are going to report what you just said word for word? Here is your chance to set the record straight.

Another adventuresome reporter could stop the president when he interrupts, saying I asked Dr. Fauci or Dr. Birx that question, not you. Maybe, they could be charitable and say, “Mr. president, with all due respect, I would like to hear the doctor’s opinion.”

What the latest round of remarks that offered a dangerous tactic about ingesting or injecting disinfectant (and UV light) has done, is the inanity was so pronounced and obvious, that even Trump supporters cannot hide from them. They may serve as a historical marker like Marie Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake” remark.

I know the president’s team is trying “erase the remarks” saying he was being sarcastic, but I cannot forget the look of Dr. Birx trying to hide in her chair and not look at the president as he looked at her for validation. Yet, while very memorable, these remarks are not outliers. Too many times, Trump staff has had to waste taxpayer time to make it look like the president’s remarks were not what he meant or supportable by some strange set of facts.

I forwarded my post called “Mr. president, if you cannot add value, please stop talking” to my GOP Senators and Congressman. They know already that the president has and is screwing up. At some point, as things continue, I am going to pose the question to them, are you ready to save our country, our planet and your party and support Joe Biden over your party’s candidate? There are some Republicans already there.


15 thoughts on “A needed idea or two

    • Holly, I understand your point, but it is hard to call your boss on the carpet for an idiotic statement. I guess she could have been charitable and said something like, “Mr. president that would not be the wisest path for people to take.” Keith

      • As a doctor charged with the responsibility that she accepted she should have wasted no time disavowing such outrageous statements made by trump. No if’s or buts. People’s lives are are at stake, no one knows that better than Birx.

      • Holly, I don’t disagree. But. she has to walk a fine line with her vindictive boss. She needs to survive to the next day to make a difference. Keith

  1. Hello Keith. I notice that you often write and send stuff to your Senators and Congressman. How do they respond? When I have emailed mine I get a form email back saying they will get back to me, and never do. Hugs

    • Scottie, I get form letters based on the subject checked. Sadly, I have gotten rhe same form letter twice. I feel better when I talk to someone. Keith

  2. Sorry Keith, but I have to agree with Holly, “House of Heart”, about waning confidence in Dr. Deborah Birx. In an article in Time yesterday, during an interview with Jesse Watters ( a Fox News political commentator) she reportedly defended Trump’s inane statements about injecting bleach at the briefing. To read it was bad enough, but to actually watch the video of her delivering a response to the question by Watters did she “think that what Trump said was dangerous”, was far worse. Dr. Birx said : “No, when he gets new information, he likes to talk that through out loud and really have that dialogue – and so that’s what dialogue he was having. I think he just saw the information at the time immediately before the press conference and he was still digesting that information.” She continued by saying “he always puts health and safety first.” If he was indeed still digesting questionable information prior to taking the stage, mayhaps he should refrain from regurgitating unproven theories to the press and the public. I understand her need to protect her ass-ets, but not by bending to his idiocy. She looks untrustworthy to me as a result! Thank-you!

    • Ellen, Holly, thanks for your perspective. I must confess being unaware of her Fox appearance. That is unfortunate. My general comments are based on my years as a consultant where I had to tell clients an idea of theirs was unworkable and unwise. I had maintain the relationship, so dilpimatic candor is key. I might say, “I would be remiss if I did not tell you…”

      I have also worked with successful, narcissistic people. It requires the same kind of diplomatic candor.

      With all that said, I cannot condone Birx damaging her reputation to make the president’s comments look less stupid. Keith

      • It seems to me that, for the most part, it is nearly impossible to work for or with Trump without becoming tarnished. The old saying, “When you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas” aptly fits. One of the few exceptions, so far, is Dr. Fauci. Thank-you!

      • Ellen, I agree. The happiest people in America are those who turned down offers to work for Trump. Remember the belief, he would hire only the best people? That turned out to be untrue, especially since he values loyalty over competence. It should be noted, Genghis Khan introduced merit based promotion and devalued nepotism through the ranks and it served him well much longer than Trump will be around. Keith

  3. To a certain extent we would like to think we would be the Hollywood version of Dr. Birx who would have a Frank Capra interlude and Trump would have to resign in a storm of ridicule within a week.
    Regrettably the atmosphere is febrile and Trump’s supporters are not only blind to the situation but vindictive to.
    I witnessed one response to Dr. Fauci. suggesting he should be arrested (or arraigned the poster was not making themselves very clear on the subject) for treason, or something close (again not very clear).
    It would seem the best thing to do is to avoid being in the Trump swamp, unless of course you go there with the sole intention of being in a situation one day to say out loud at Whitehouse meeting:
    ‘Donnie. What the (expletive) are you babbling about now? (Blasphemy) Donnie. You are the biggest (expletive) on God’s Sweet Earth. I’m outta here in case it’s contagious’ and as you leave say to the dumbfounded rest ‘Better get yourselves a place on the lifeboat kiddies. The Titanic (point to Trump) will go down!’
    It would be worth it.

    • Roger, what should continue to scare the crap out of Republicans, is they have no idea what he will say or do next. Again, when the prime directive is to make Trump look good, actually doing good is only coincidental.

      It would be comical to see him abruptly corrected. “Mr. president, that would be not the best of moves.” Keith

  4. Note to Readers: A poll announced today relayed that 98% of Republicans, and Democrats both think ingesting disinfectant is a bad idea. So, there is a limit to the impact of the “con-artist” as fixer Michael Cohen calls the president.

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