Trump Environmental Protection Agency makes it easier to harm infants

The dramatic headline is designed to get your attention, so please forgive the theatrics. Yet, while the president distracts us with his chaotic, incompetent and untruthful actions and words about more headline issues, his misnamed Environmental Protection Agency has struck again.

Amanda Mills penned the following article on June 23, 2020 in the online publication “Nation of Change,” “Trump’s EPA rolls back regulation of chemical linked to brain damage in infants that can be found in drinking water.” I will include her entire brief article below.

“Last week, Trump’s EPA decided to roll back regulations of a chemical that causes brain damage in infants. This chemical, perchlorate, is found in rocket fuel and can also be found in public drinking water.

Environmental experts and Health professionals have been fighting this deregulation that was created during the Obama Administration.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler claims this move ‘fulfills President Trump’s promise to pare back burdensome ‘one-size-fits-all’ overregulation for the American people.’

According to Associated Press, perchlorate from runoff contaminates the drinking water of as many as 16 million Americans, the Obama administration said in 2011 when it announced the EPA would act to set maximum limits for perchlorate for the first time.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) senior strategic director for Health Erik D. Olson says this decision is ‘illegal, unscientific, and unconscionable. The Environmental Protection Agency is threatening the health of pregnant moms and young children with toxic chemicals in their drinking water at levels that literally can cause loss of IQ points. Is this what the Environmental Protection Agency has come to?’

According to Common Dreams, the NRDC plans to challenge the order in court, claiming the consent decree did not allow for deregulating the chemical.”

I truly wish I were making these things up and kids will not be harmed by the president, but as evidenced by previous EPA actions and his blatant lack of empathy for COVID-19 victims, this is not really a stretch. As conservative pundit David Brooks has said, the president “lacks a sense of decency or empathy.”

These roll back of environmental regulations have been deliberate efforts to make it easier for industry to not worry about pollution. Environmental protections cost money. Sadly, when industry has not been permitted to get away with harming people, animals and the environment, it becomes a major motion picture as “Dark Waters” was last year or “Erin Brockovich” years before.

And, the troubling part is people who live in more rural or town areas near these facilities are the ones who get screwed or killed. These hard working folks make up some of Trump’s voters. The ecologist and biologist Sandra Steingraber has testified in front of Congress and the European Union parliament. She is has authored several books, her first being “Living Downstream” and her second “Raising Elijah.” In these books, it shows how industry outguns and outspends local people harmed by their pollution. It takes a Herculean effort to fight this injustice, hence the heroic movies when it does happen.

One thing Steingraber points out is our pollution metrics tend to measure the impact of pollution on a 50 year old man. That is the wrong metric. Kids have developing brains and lungs, mouth breathe more than adults, put their hands in their mouths more frequently, play outside more and are lower to the ground. They are more susceptible than adults are to chemical pollution. Plus, pregnant women are caring for two lives (maybe more), so we need to be extra careful with them.

So, this is why the Trump EPA’s decision to permit easier pollution is so over-the-top callous. Please question this move. Make people stand up and explain why this is a good idea. As I have mentioned before, I knew of Trump’s negatives, but what I feared most is what Trump would do to our environment and climate change actions more than anything. This is just one more example.

9 thoughts on “Trump Environmental Protection Agency makes it easier to harm infants

  1. I would go further than even David Brooks’ comment and say that Trump is a cruel, evil person who endangers our lives on a near daily basis. This is only the most recent of many such de-regulations such as allowing farmers to use proven toxins to kill insects or grow bigger crops, allowing … nay forcing … automakers to scale back on emissions controls, allowing coal companies to dump toxins in creeks, allowing oil pipelines to forgo environmental testing, and so much more. Our lives do not matter to him.

    • Jill, it is clear he values his image (and his wealth) more than human lives. He is cavalier with ours and will throw anyone under the bus to save his two key concerns. Keith

    • Roger, in this case to his monied supporters, not the ones who show up at rallies. The latter who come from small towns with big plants near by get screwed by these kinds of rulings and have no idea they are. Keith

      • This is a tragedy, all too common in the history of ruling, governing, call it what you will.
        Shakespeare highlighted it in Brutus’ speech followed by Mark Anthony’s ‘Friends, Roman, Countrymen’, how the crowd swing from one to the other, unaware they are being used to Anthony for his own ends.

      • Roger, the one thing this corrupt and deceitful person has that earlier leaders did not is social media where he can convince people to drink he sand if they are thirsty. To me, his crimes and lies are as obvious as the sun shining….Keith

  2. Note to Readers: In addition to the EPA onslaught on the environment and the beyond careless and callous handling of COVID-19, we should not lose sight of the president’s continual efforts to destroy the ACA and deny coverage to tens of millions, plus impact key features added to employer plans (my guess is Trump has no clue about the impact on employer plans.

    Trump said during the election he had a plan that would replace the ACA with better and cheaper coverage. He said we would have to elect him to find out. He has no such plan, short of sticking a pitchfork in anything Obama did. He cannot stand any comparisons to Obama, so he tries to destroy the evidence. But, what he fails to consider is he is hurting people, many who have no clue their champion is so doing.

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