A speech never given

The following is a speech that would have been given by a real leader back in January, 2020. This speech would have both galvanized America and saved lives. What puzzles is the person who could have given it craves so badly to be viewed as a great leader. This was truly a missed opportunity.

My fellow Americans,

At this moment, our country has not been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Yet, I have been briefed by our intelligence and CDC folks that we must be ever-vigilant, as pandemics like this know no boundaries. Sadly, it is only a matter of time before this pandemic hits our shores. I do not wish to alarm, only to prepare ourselves.

So, I am authorizing the CDC to work with hospital systems and medical suppliers to ascertain our readiness for the pandemic. What do we need that is not in sufficient supply? How can we best remedy those shortfalls? I am asking Congress and our Governors to set aside their differences and think of solutions that will protect Americans, but keep our jobs and livelihoods from falling prey to the pandemic. With that said, safety must be the foundation of any strategy.

I will also restrict travel from China, and will see if we should consider such from other countries, as well. Travel might still occur, but we must think of identifying and quarantining folks that come from locations where the pandemic is present. We must think of ways to accomplish this and not stymie travel altogether. We must be smart, but we must be safe.

Finally, I will set up a pandemic task team of CDC and other epidemiologists who can help guide us. This is unknown territory, so my commitment to you is to shoot straight with you as we learn more. As we convene and assess this problem further, we will advise you on various strategies to mitigate the pandemic.

Thank you for your support and understanding.
The President of the United States

That is what a real leader might have said.

19 thoughts on “A speech never given

  1. Excellent speech. That is certainly the speech President Obama would have given had he been in office. Any real leader would have given a similar speech, but sadly, this nation is rudderless, without a leader.

    • Thanks. So, true about the rudderless ship. It stymies me why he chose to naysay the coronovirus and call it a hoax. Rather than lead, he chose his modus operandi.

      • I think it was a situation that he hoped would go away, one that didn’t allow him to play the “tough” guy. It was never about We the People for him, but about “Me, the Donald”.

      • Jill, probably, but his unawareness of the dangers of pandemic risk, especially after being briefed, is troubling as well. You plan for the worst, hope for the best. He forgot the first part, which is not unusual for him. Keith

    • Rosaliene, so true. Lives would have been saved. I’m familiar with two groups that have started early on. The leaders of Chinatown in San Francisco began communicating early on in January and they have done well. A Maryland Baptist Home minister heard Trump call it a hoax, so he chose to act as a result of the lack of credibility of the president, This LTC facility has had no viruses. Keith

  2. If only. Instead Trump is telling us we need to postpone the election claiming he doesn’t want an illegitimate pres. (that is what happened in 2016). In addition he is referring to protesters as terrorists. I think we know what his private discussions with Putin have been about.

    • Holly, the GOP Congress has said no to changing the election date. It is not the president’s decision. Plus, he has done nothing to the election more secure and has consistently lied about it.

      Watching John Lewis’ funeral today, he was described in terms that would not be used to define the president. Words like kind, courageous, decent, friendly, caring, great boss, etc. Lewis had several folks who worked over ten years on his staff (with a couple over 20), while the president has the highest turnover of staff of any president. Keith

      • I did watch the service for John Lewis. He left the world a better place.
        I know Trump can’t change the election date , he is setting up a scenario to cry fowl if he loses the election. He’s diabolical .

  3. Too many big words, he never would have made it through. And besides, it wasn’t all about HIM! Obama would have taken care of us instead of leaving everyone to fend for themselves. Sadly, we have NO leadership!

    • Peg, too funny. We are a rudderless ship. David Brooks, the conservative pundit, said maybe it is good Trump chooses not to be involved. He later amended that, saying we needed some form of federal leadership even if just to emphasize the urgency.

      Herman Cain, may or may not have gotten the virus in Tulsa at the pep rally, where half-dozen campaign staff tested positive. But, he chose to not wear a mask and, sadly, he has passed away. Taking the president at his word is a fool’s errand, but it also can be deadly. Keith

    • Hugh, so true. It was nice to see Obama speak at John Lewis’ funeral. But, I think all presidents would have been more up-front and truthful, except for the current one. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: I spoke with staff members for a couple of senior GOP senators beseeching them to speak out against the president, especially in light of the misinformation on the pandemic, but also around the issues of firing or removing Inspectors General, whistleblowers and people who testified under oath about their concerns. My emphasis is this president is sowing seeds of mistrust in institutions, which is divisive. I did compliment them on speaking up against moving the election, saying we need more of that pushback..

  5. Note to Readers: The tone deaf president is at it again, attacking Dr. Fauci for his being forthright. People are dying Mr. president. Let’s keep our eye on the ball.

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