Tuesday’s Gone with the wind this December day

Four weeks ago, the American election was officially held. Yesterday, the last two of the six states the outgoing president contested “certified” their election results for a Joe Biden win. The losing candidate has done his best Lesley Gore impersonation (thanks Roger) saying repeatedly “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.” Yet, his conspiratorial claims don’t seem to be fairing too well in court, winning only one case out of close to 40 cases now. Judges have even written scathing criticisms of the lack of evidence and frivolous claims.

The title of this post is based on a Lynyrd Skynyrd song “Tuesday’s Gone.” Since elections are officially held on Tuesday in America, four weeks later this title and its key chorus define the status of the incumbent’s presidency – like Tuesday, it is gone with the wind.

Yet, these ongoing failures have not stopped the conspiracy minded, outgoing president and his sycophants to beat on that drum the he won and the election was stolen. There is a receptive audience, and has been all along, to his inability to be truthful to any degree and his inability to accept criticism or failure. His fans love that he attacks people with name calling and smug of-course-everyone-knows-I-am-right sales schtick.

Sadly, election officials, Secretaries of State, Governors, Judges, etc., many of whom are Republicans, who have remembered their oaths and done their jobs admirably, have been receiving death threats from wound-too-tight Trump supporters. Chris Krebs, the former cybersecurity professional for DHS who is on a lengthy list of people who Trump has fired or run off for disagreeing with the president, appeared on “60 Minutes” and very credibly told his story of why the election was the safest and most secure.

Today, an attorney on Trump’s campaign said Krebs should be taken outside and shot. Really? I won’t mention his name, but the attorney proceeded to repeat the BS claims the outgoing president has been ranting about that election officials, Governors and Judges have consistently ruled against. As Krebs noted, 95% of the votes have paper back-up, so the recounts and audits reveal the initial math was correct.

The Trump modus operandi is not to argue points, it is to name call, denigrate and lie about the critic. Yet, death threats toward anyone, much less very credible public servants, is well beyond the pale. The outgoing president foments this stuff, then hides saying he never told people to say that. He fired Sidney Powell from his legal team, but still parrots her conspiracy BS. He needed a scapegoat as even Trump supporting Republicans in leadership were saying his legal team was a joke.

I have long watched Trump, even before he was president. Credibility is a word that does not come to mind when thinking of attributes. I watched and read of the GOP and Democrat support for Krebs – he came off as highly credible and someone who cares about getting it right. The outgoing president does not give a damn about getting it right, as winning is all that matters.

Mr. Trump, you can channel your inner Lesley Gore all you want, but you lost because you got fewer votes. That is how this stuff works.

15 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Gone with the wind this December day

  1. I never cease to be amazed and in a very wrong way entertained by Trump’s antics. Taken outside and shot is something I would never ever suggest, not even for him. Much less from an Attorney. I would hope that Attorney was not defending me.

    • We must not forget the MAGA fan who sent bombs to about sixteen Democrat leaders at the inspiration from the party leader saying they are the enemy. It should be noted a Georgia election official said loudly someone is going to get hurt. She is seeing what these wound-up MAGA supporters are doing at the instigation of the outgoing president. If something did happen, the unaccountable Trump will say it is not his fault. Keith

      • Hopefully now, or after noon on January 20, the various sheriffs in brick red counties will show up with a few deputies at these people’s houses and make it plain that they are going to end up in the penitentiary or a forensic ward if they repeat these performances.

      • Of course Trump would exempt himself from any culpability, yet he has whipped up sentiment to a frenzied level with his rhetoric. It is little wonder that people who are on the extreme end of the spectrum with beliefs, morals, and perhaps living on the fringe of society, become completely unhinged. Any leader should understand that. Even my current post could be a little dangerous – and it has offended some. Yet this is the point I was trying to make. Do not believe everything you read. Keep a critical and discerning eye.

  2. Not sure Lesley Gore is the best choice here, she did make a follow up song to “It’s My Party” where the results were reversed. I’m thinking Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop (thinking about tomorrow)” for being a really enjoyable song to hear and also a forward looking one.

    • True. She also sang “You don’t own me,” which was pushback on all the Trump like paramours. She got a college degree and left the notoriety behind, also un-Trump like. Keith

      • I did not know that. I had heard she recently died. The ones that do go quietly into the night, as long as they are not betraying a higher purpose or breaking a just promise, are usually the best.

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