“This is not an America I recognize” says Republican Chris Krebs

In an article by Josh Feldman of Media-ite called “Chris Krebs Pleads With His Fellow Republicans to Push Back on Election Conspiracies: ‘This is Not an America I Recognize,’” Krebs testimony at the Senate Homeland Security hearing led by Chair Ron Johnson (R), his words are telling. Here are a few paragraphs.

Chris Krebs, the former DHS top cyber official who President Donald Trump fired after he publicly and repeatedly debunked election misinformation, pleaded with his fellow Republicans during Wednesday’s Senate hearing to quit spewing conspiracies.

While more Republicans have started to acknowledge Joe Biden won the election, a significant number of them are still digging in on the president’s baseless claims of widespread voter fraud.

The hearing Wednesday comes in the wake of judge after judge — including ones appointed by the president — completely rejecting the fraud claims brought by the Trump legal team and other allies. The Supreme Court shot down two separate cases just last week.

But with Republicans continuing to indulge in the president’s claims, Krebs made a point of sending a message to his party:

‘I think it’s, again, an affront to democracy that the citizens of the United States of America that are responsible for executing this sacred democratic institution of elections are being threatened on a daily basis. I mean, you name it, whether it’s emails, it’s phone calls, whether it’s people showing up at your house. This is not an America I recognize. And it’s got to stop. We need everyone across — through the leadership ranks to step up. I would appreciate more support from my own party, the Republican party, to call this stuff out and end it’.”

‘We’ve got to move on. We have a President-elect, Krebs said.”

To be frank, I am tired of talking about this. The question that must be asked, is it easier to believe there is a vast voter fraud conspiracy which would include many Republican (even Trump appointed) election officials, governors, secretaries of state, judges, the US Attorney General, head of election cybersecurity and election leaders OR is it easier to believe a person well documented as being untruthful, long before being president, is lying yet one more time, especially after staging for six months the fraud claims?

This independent and former Republican voter sees the outgoing president as threat to national security as he endangers our democracy and people, many of whom are hard working Republicans just trying to do their job. It is time for Mr. Trump to concede after failing to prove voter fraud while losing 58 out of 59 court cases. Plus, the recounts confirm the voter tallies and that he lost.

Let’s follow Krebs closing words above. “We’ve got to move on.”

Chris Krebs Pleads With His Fellow Republicans to Push Back on Election Conspiracies: ‘This is Not an America I Recognize’ (msn.com)


15 thoughts on ““This is not an America I recognize” says Republican Chris Krebs

  1. I am always amused by your quaint American judicial custom exemplified in this quote “… of judge after judge — including ones appointed by the president — completely…’
    Has it never been considered that the party who appointed a judicial officer should not be a consideration, but rather the nominee’s ability to judge with a demonstrated knowledge and support of the law as they apply at the time.
    An example of this type of behaviour is exemplified below

    “Australian judge steps down from Hong Kong court over new national security law | Hong Kong | The Guardian” https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/18/australian-judge-steps-down-from-hong-kong-court-over-new-national-security-law

  2. How many times in the past four years, and especially in the past year, have I said the exact same: This is not a country I recognize. I’m really glad to see Krebs speaking out against the Washington treachery that is pervading and invading our lives. More need to do the same! Good post, Keith … thank you!

  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    More than a few times over the past year, I have said that this is no longer a country I recognize, no longer one of which I am proud to be a citizen. Turns out, I am not alone. Please take a minute to read Keith’s excellent post about Chris Krebs who is speaking out for our democratic principles. Thanks, Keith!

      • Yes, he did his job, did it well, did the right thing, and for this he was punished. It’s also important to remember that he is a Republican … some of them actually do have a conscience.

      • Jill, I hope it gets his comments read. But, the MAGA folks would view him as a RINO. The irony is a RINO should mean they are a real Republican not the Trump Party version. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: Interesting few paragraphs from a Business Insider article today called “Trump has threatened not to leave the White House on Inauguration Day, report says” by A Collman:

    “The CNN report cited advisors as saying Trump had begun to privately accept his loss late last month but then changed his mind and appeared to truly believe he was robbed of the election.

    ‘He’s been fed so much misinformation that I think he actually thinks this thing was stolen from him,’ a Trump advisor told CNN.

    Multiple sources who spoke with CNN said Trump had made it clear to his staff that he didn’t want to talk about whether he’d attend Biden’s swearing-in ceremony.

    People close to him told the outlet they thought it was highly unlikely that he would go.”

    This goes back to this echo chamber OP is in. He hears echo feedback and starts to believe his own BS. The ironic part is he staged all of this, so he must have forgotten he did so.

  5. I can hear the comments from many a campaigner in many a Third World Country.
    ‘Ah. Welcome to the club,’
    Trump and the mob that put him there just do not realise how ridiculous they are making the USA. ….MAR (Make America Ridiculous)

    • Roger well said. Trump will go down as pulling the biggest con in America, with the election fraud accusation being a subset of the con. The con is how a well-documented untruthful person can convince his followers that everyone else is lying, so believe only him. Keith

      • Thank you Keith.
        From observing Trump since he run from the nomination I could not help recall how many of the things he said in earlier decades would have killed off a nominee’s run.
        As for his antics between 2016-2020, normally this would have had the majority moving away from him and denying they ever voted for him.
        I still feel, therefore, he is nothing but a figurehead for some rather unsettling twist in the outlook of a proportion of the American voting population. Thus it is they who are conning him, they just want ‘Their Guy’ there not ‘Donald Trump’. He is disposable, they will find another though ,and probably one who is astute this time.

      • Roger, one who can be a smoother version of Trump would be very scary, indeed. By the way a prominent Catholic priest, who is going to jail for pedophilia, said the following which is in essence, the ends justify the means. He said “Trump is a barbarian, but he is our barbarian.” This quote is repulsive, even if the priest did not have a checkered past. Keith

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