Monday morning you sure look fine

Fleetwood Mac gave us this first lyric to “Monday Morning.” Some of us may remember the next line is “Friday I’ve got traveling on my mind.” That must have been some rollercoaster week. If your week turns out to be a rollercoaster, I hope you enjoy the ride and want more, instead of traveling away from someone who looked so fine on Monday. Speaking of rides, take a little ride with me as I touch on a few miscellaneous thoughts.

As we have begun the final week of July, 2021, I have become less enthusiastic about this Christmas time in July bit. Some of the channels are running holiday movies, which is fine, but when they start to sell me Christmas deals in July in the commercials, that is a bridge too far. I don’t want to buy a fake Christmas tree in July – I am just not in the mood.

My wife and I have watched a little bit of the Olympics in Japan, but we won’t be watching it too much. We do find the second page sports entertaining, as we have watched the finishes to the bicycle races, fencing, with a little swimming and gymnastics thrown in. Of course, the last two are usually front page sports during these events. What I don’t care for is NBC does not show non-American athletes near enough to balance out the show. Usually, they appear when competing directly against the Americans.

We did go see a pretty good movie called “Joe Bell” with Mark Wahlberg and introducing Reid Miller. I won’t spoil it for you, but it is based on a true story about a father and his gay son. The movie is somber look at the bullying that goes on toward gays in school and life. Rotten Tomatoes does not rate it as well as the Google viewers do, but it does make you think. Connie Britton plays the mother and Gary Sinise shows up late in the movie adding a lot of value.

Our friend Joy put a picture in her recent blog post of a frozen peach Margarita, which looked delicious, although. I do not drink anymore. So, with her impetus, I went to a local Farmers’ Market (hence yesterday’s post) and picked up, among other things, “Free Stone peaches.” Apparently, the pulp peels away from the pit very easily and, while guarded by a little tougher skin, are delightfully sweet and tart. The virgin Margaritas were a blend of the peeled peaches, pineapple sherbet, orange juice and ice. Thanks Joy for the inspiration.*

My mother and father’s birthdays are approaching. They would have been 89 and 90 this year. Dad went first about fifteen years ago, while Mom went almost five years ago. Plus, the only grandmother I had met (when not a baby) has an approaching birthday. I just wanted to think a few good thoughts about them as I close out. Have a great week everyone

*Here is a link to Joy’s post: Friday’s Super Short Stories! | Nuggets of Gold (

19 thoughts on “Monday morning you sure look fine

  1. Hi Keith! Your virgin margarita sounds good. I think I will have to try it. πŸ™‚ You are very welcome, thanks for sharing my link. Enjoy your Monday!

    Parents will always be precious to us. ❀
    I am cherishing the days I still have with mine, for I know the years will never be long enough.

    • Joy, many thanks. It is my pleasure to offer the link. If I could share a regret with you about my parents, I wish I got them on video telling us about their memories for our kids’ sake. I learned things after they died, I wish they could have expanded on. Keith

      • Oh I can understand that! I have thought more lately about that. About their growing up years and yes I have heard stories but there is so much I haven’t heard and so much I want my kids to know. Thanks for sharing, for I am now more encouraged to ask my parents to share more.

      • Joy, maybe you could make it a project for your kids to interview them. The parents would appreciate it even more. Keith

  2. Christmas in July? Why? I cannot imagine anyone in the Christmas mood but instead, everybody enjoys the summertime and doesn’t want to think of Christmas.
    I like Mark Whalberg a lot and will check out that movie. I can relate to what silverapplequeen said. I was bullied too because I came from a different country (when even I spoke the same language). My daughter was bullied too for whatever reason. It was hard for me both times. Actually, even harder when it came to my daughter. But it made me stand up for her and my little child-self and I fixed it for good. I managed what even the school social worker was not able to do for my daughter. I noticed that it is easier to stand up for someone else than for myself. But in this case, and another one regarding one of my sons, I solved it for myself too. That was amazing.

    • Erika, I am sorry you and your children were bullied. I can see how it is easier to stand up for others when they are bullied. Kids need to find a group of some sorts to belong to lessen the exposure to bullies. It seems the kids that are more isolated for whatever reason get focused on. Keith

      • Yes, absolutely! But I also found out that the bully is the one more scared and weaker than the vicitim. Because the victim has learned to stand up and fight for itself. The bully is depending on others’ support and that is the weak spot that changes everything. However, my daughter has grown so strong from it and is a role model on standing up for others when she sees injustice happening. She has grown to a strong, tough, and curageous woman without holding any bitterness inside because of the experience.

      • Erika, well done for your daughter. You are so right that bullies are weak people in need of support. So defining people like the former president as a bully is more than the identifying the bullying behavior, it is calling out the weak nature that makes him bully others. Some folks view him and other bullies as strong – I do not. Keith

    • Ang, it did look delicious. The virgin one was excellent. There are some recipes online, but they called for sugar, so we kept it simple sans sugar. In the next batch, I may use a little less OJ and a little club soda. Keith

  3. We haven’t been watching the Olympics (I’m not sure why exactly) but I have been tuned into the controversy about the women’s uniforms. It’s about time the sexist uniform regulations are called out for what they are and hopefully by the next Olympics the focus will be on the athletes, not on their bodies. Oh, and Christmas in July… bah humbug, I can barely stand the over-commercialized one in December. (Wow, I just realized that I sounding very grouchy today.)

    • Janis, no worries. I was glad NBC spoke of the advocacy of the female gymnasts against the inaction of the US gymnastics leadership on the sexual assaulting claims against Nassar. Keith

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