Tuesday afternoon

The Moody Blues are a vastly underappreciated band in my view. Penned by Justin Hayward, they sang “Tuesday afternoon” about a desired tryst as two lovers chase the clouds away. Here is stanza from the middle of the song:

“I’m looking at myself reflections of my mind

It’s just the kind of day to leave myself behind

So gently swaying through the fairyland of love

If you’ll just come with me you’ll see the beauty of

.Tuesday afternoon Tuesday afternoon”

Why Tuesday I have often wondered? My speculation is the day is more unexpected for an adventure away from the weekly routine. And, frankly, Tuesday has the right number of syllables. Or, maybe it is a bow to Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, as it is better known, where people celebrating it are allowed to be rash and whimsical.

Either way, we all need to be more whimsical, whether it is alone, with a lover, or with a good friend. Go on a lark. Chase the clouds away. Or, just do what lovers often do. And, being more free spirited on a day you’re not supposed to will make it more fun.

Life is too short. Sometimes we get too caught up in our routines and begin doing things by habit without even thinking about it. So, do something that breaks that routine. Whether it this afternoon or next Tuesday or some other day, just be spontaneous. Switching from the Moody Blues to Janet Jackson (now that is a segue), go on an “Escapade.”

If you take my suggestion and it is a story you can share, please feel free to share below.


21 thoughts on “Tuesday afternoon

  1. I’m ahead of you, Keith. Had breakfast with my sister (now that we can dine indoors again) on Saturday, lunch with my two daughters and three granddaughters on Sunday, and dinner with our son and his wife last night. In between we hosted three groups of neighbours for coffee and cake. Celebrating the reopening with panache!

  2. Well, I shall have to ponder on this. You’re so right that we get stuck in our routines without even realizing it and a distraction, something fun every now and then, is essential to our mental well-being. The first thing I considered was running naked through the neighborhood yelling, “The turnips are attacking … run for your lives”, but on further consideration I decided that would likely get me shot! I don’t even know where the idea came from! I’ll let you know, though, if I come up with a better one!

      • YES!!! You’ve just connected the dots! The nudity part likely came from that song, and the turnip part came from a game I play with my granddaughter, Animal Crossing, where we buy and sell turnips! Phew … mystery solved!

      • Jill, that was a pair of segues meeting down the path. I bet you have interesting dreams with that imagination. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I was bemused that this was the third time I have used this song as a lead in, the other two noted in the suggested reads at the bottom. Yet, the theme of the three posts vary. Too funny.

  4. Note to Readers: For folks who may not know The Moody Blues, this song is a good one to start with. Two other good choices would be “Nights in White Satin” and “Ride my See-saw.” Keith

  5. Tuesday Morning was my breakout (sorry Justin) as I met my daughter and granddaughter fr a few treats. We started with a coffee followed by treat 1. A fluffy Pink Flamingo,my daughter got a new dress I’d ordered as congratulations on doing so well with her diet. Number 2 was the gaudiest necklace and bracelet set I think I’ve ever seem, reminiscent of medallion man proportions. We changed venue and Treat 3 against my daughters cry of ‘No clothes’ came a striped set of overalls Casey Jones would have loved which was rapidly followed by Number 4 , a new handbag plastic and garish with a cartoon logo and containing hair grips and what may be a hair band or a sleep mask but designed to see of any burglar who catches sight of it. We followed that with a milk shake and cake before I came home getting at least an hours sleep on the return journey.
    The Moody Blues are big favourites , very underrated.

    • David, sounds like a lot of fun for a father and grandfather. Well done. When they got inducted, finally, into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they still played well. If you have not been to the HOF, it is well done. My oldest son and I spent four hours there and enjoyed it immensely. Keith

  6. The Moody blues have some great songs and this is one of them. Yes, getting out of our routine is always good for a break! My daughter and I went out for ice cream today, sitting outside and eating it. Was a nice, sweet break. 🙂

    • Thanks Cindy. I told my wife I started a post with the Moody Blues and ended with Janet Jackson. She asked what did I talk about in the middle? Keith

  7. One of my all-time favourite ‘relax’ songs.
    Fun personal fact about this one:
    Back in 1968 when I purchased the mono vinyl lp and played it on my scratchy old basic record player I came to this line:
    ‘Gently swaying with the ferret and the dove’
    And I think ”Uh????….Naw…I know some of the band are experimenting the LSD, but even so that just can’t be right!’ (for years I used to sing ‘gently swaying with the deedle-deele-dee’)
    Time moved on, LP stored away and family life began, finally I purchased a cd copy and lo the correct lyrics were revealed to me..
    ‘The fairyland of love’….Of course!

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