The Teacher Asked

The teacher asked little Johnny if he took Susie’s lunch money. Johnny said he did not. The teacher had seen this before.

She asked him again if he took Susie’s money. He replied more angrily and said how dare someone accuse him of such? Someone is making this story up.

Still unsatisfied, she told Johnny that she has strong evidence that he may be the culprit. Johnny stood firm saying “my enemies are out to get me. And, she gave me the money.”

The teacher said “so, you are admitting to having the money?” Johnny said “Susie gave it to me and if she says she did not then she is lying, believe me.”

The teacher asked if he was sticking with that story. When he said yes, she said “well let’s go down to Principal Mueller’s office and look at the videotape of you going into Susie’s backpack.”

At some point, most children learn that when caught in a lie, it is better to come clean. If you keep lying, more trouble will ensue.

Picture two men with the same name, one a father and one a son. The elder man never learned this lesson, so how could he teach his son not to lie. Principal Mueller may have a say in this, as well.

30 thoughts on “The Teacher Asked

    • Jill, after seeing his namesake son overlook telling about a meeting, then downplay it and then change his story. The apple did not fall far from the tree. Keith

      • Nope, I think both his sons are chips off the ol’ block. At the risk of sounding like I support social engineering (I don’t), there are just some people who should not be allowed to reproduce. Sigh.

      • Jill, I would not go there. I do feel that if your role model father reveals a path that lying, cheating and screwing others over is an acceptable practice, then it is hard not to do that, especially when he is the boss. Keith

    • Agreed. Reince Preibus has called it a “nothing burger,” but he has used that phrase on earlier similar issues. Seems to be a lot of nothing burgers going on.

  1. Note to Readers: We should not overlook a similar trait between Papa Trump and his son-in-law. Kushner bought a newspaper and used it to punish people that did not go along with him. Does that sound familiar?

    • Raye, at least the ones who have been saying it are discounted. Gronda had the Australian political reporter piece on her blog and he raked DT over the coals for diminishing America in the world. Many here were surprised, but they should not have been if they were paying attention. But, we need to say clearly and loudly stop lying. By the way, Politifacts measures Fox News’ veracity at only 40% when counting half truths. If mostly true and all true are counted it is only 22%. This is how our President gets away with lying. Keith

  2. Dear Keith,
    Normally I hate this saying. “like Father, like Son” because I don’t like either to be unfairly tarnished by the wrongdoings of the other, but in this case, the gloves fit.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, in this case the father is the boss, so he can show the son first hand that it is OK to lie, cheat and screw others over. Plus, Kushner has a similar upbringing, Keith

    • Well, I saw at least two legislators state that this does prove that the President has lied about no involvement with any Russian official by a campaign member. Now, the two namesakes say Daddy did not know, but given his track record and attendance at this meeting by his son and son-in-law, I find that very hard to believe. Also, the latest Junior story is she did not reveal any information. Yet, that misses the point – Junior went to the meeting with two others in tow anticipating such information.

      • Jr. could be convicted of treason. But our justice system is not blind, and he will most likely be given special consideration due to his status as Presidential son. I wish it weren’t so.

        I also wish Jr. understood more things. In the corporate world, lying and cheating are considered mere competitive tactics — like using a smokescreen or feinting with a sword. In the realm of government service, without competition, the straight-forward approach is the probably the quickest and safest path to solutions. Just speaking generally of course, but my point is that Jr. crossed a line that didn’t exist in his previous world.

        Again, we see that business experience does not prepare one for government service. A tragic business all around. I consider all the Trumps to be fools, out of their depth. But I doubt that Jr. was intentionally committing treason.

      • JoAnn, he is clearly guilty of lying repeatedly. And, he is possibly guilty to conspiring with a foreign government, irrespective of their acceptance. Yet, I doubt anything he says and my strong belief is, of course, his father knew. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: If we age little Johnny to high school, remember all of the teen angst movies where, invariably there was a rich, snobby kid that people humored, so he would favor them. At the end of the movie, the rich kid would reveal his true colors, and his fan base would leave him. That is the older little Johnny.

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