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In probably the best example of tribal thinking in America is the stark contrast in character between the last two Presidents and how Evangelicals have papered over the holes in that of the current incumbent. The reason is the current President will do their bidding, which is questionable, but let’s set that aside for now.

Help me understand how a man who does very little to exemplify Christian behavior is given a hall pass while his predecessor who is devout, raised a wonderful family with his only wife and had no scandals in eight years is demonized?

Help me understand how a man who is a habitual and prodigious liar, an admitted and accused sexual assaulter, a demeaning bully and a narcissistic man can be viewed without concern. How can a man who is such a negative example to Christians and non-Christians be permitted to bring out the worst in us?

For the ultimate goal of whom he might appoint to the Supreme Court and other courts, we have a President who is making America into a pariah around the globe, galvanizing white supremacists into action, diminishing civil rights, demonizing the media while he is such a prolific liar and attacking anyone who dares criticize him. Jesus would weep at such a man for the hatefulness he has espewed.

Help me understand how I can be proud of the man who is in the leadership role of our country, when he embarasses us on a daily basis? I wish I did not have to say this, but I do not believe a word the man says. Help me understand why I should?


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  1. As an EX Catholic and an EX born again evangelical Christian, I can help you a bit: you’ve finally encountered the real Christianity. Read its history and you will see exactly what I mean. And in case there is any doubt this is the real Christianity, when was the last time God came out and thundered against corruption and crimes against humanity within any aspects of Christianity? Any cheap lawyer could safely say, I rest my case, on this question.

    • Sha’Tara, all religions have their hypocrisies, but Christianity does have more than its share from the inquisitions to crusades to Salem witch hunts to Jim Crow to pedophile Priests to the cafeteria version of Christianity many worship today. Gandhi said it well when he said “I admire Jesus, it is the Christians I worry about.”

      Jesus hung out with the disenfranchised for a reason. He saw the hypocrisy of leaders. Keith

      • Assuming the story/myth of Jesus has historical validity, the value of Christianity is open to endless, and in my opinion, pointless debate. Suffice to say that in any other corporation where so many, if not all, of the corporate charter was ignored and trampled underfoot as is the case for Christianity, the shareholders would certainly bring the culprit to account, methinks, otherwise how could the corporation stand? It was Epicurus who summed it up best: Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God? If God is either not willing, or not able, to clean up his own house, then indeed why worship such a pathetic leader?

      • Sha’Tara, I don’t think I will be able to dissuade you from your views, nor would I want to. For me, I am more of Deist for the reasons you cite. There is too much evil and bad things that happen, so I am of the mindset that God set things in motion and leaves to us. I do believe in the overarching teachings of Jesus, but don’t like for folks to get bogged down in the weeds. We humans bring our biases into the mix when we do.

        In any event, have a safe and enjoyable holiday season. Keith

  2. I have to disagree with the previous comment on Christianity although she’s in her rights to state an opinion. Jesus did thunder against corruption and crimes against humanity and was put to death for those statements. I believe he was God. God talks to us in many ways but we have to listen. We are his arms, legs, and voices on Earth. As to the white evangelical Christians who heartily dislike the former president and think the present one is sent from God, they may believe they’re doing God’s will but are actually the same religious evangelicals who used to string up Blacks without hesitation or trials. The KKK members would have a fit if you said they weren’t Christians. They burn crosses in yards as threats. That’s supposed to prove how Christian they are. —- Suzanne

    • Suzanne, I am a Christian as well, but like with any religion, too many of us have lost sight of the overarching messages of Jesus’ Golden Rule. I use the term “cafeteria Christians” which a devout friend told me – we selectively use passages from the bible to divide rather than unite. If we could emulate the overarching themes that Jesus taught us, we would be better off. I took Sha’Tara’s comment as some religious leaders have abused their power using it to divide and control. This a trait found in too many religious leaders. My biggest pet peeve is bigotry from the pulpit for this reason.

      With that said, I have witnessed an unheard of amount of generosity and selflessness from wonderful religious people of all faiths. It is these folks who are the lanterns we should remember. Keith

  3. Regardless of the tragedy happens on top of the US leadership and all it means for the Americans and the rest of the world… I wish you a Merry Christmas. May your days be blessed. Lots of love to you and your loved ones, Keith!! I am thankful that we are connected!

  4. They are obviously outraged by hypocrisy, but in their own case they will make an exception!
    Happy Christmas to all of you.
    Roger (16:06 GMT- 24th Dec, UK)

    • Roger, what I have learned over many years, people can rationalize just about anything. Bigotry, segregation, demonization, misconduct have been rationized over history. Some said Trump is a changed man from previous misdeeds, but frankly I do not see it.

      Let’s hope we can return to more truth and civility in 2018. Happy holidays to you, my friend. Keith

      • Yes indeed they will Keith.
        But putting these folk aside for a few moments…
        Happy holidays to you and your family too Keith

  5. Dear Keith,

    There are those who use the Lord’s name in vain. Those backing the likes Donald Trump for president, who deny climate change,who create a tax cut bill that will further disadvantage the poor, who justify backing a pedophile to be an elected official are guilty of using the Lord’s name in vain.

    I’ve heard these same folks slander a good man like our former President Barack Obama.
    These are folks who give Christians a bad reputation.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, you speak the truth. If Trump were not President, most people who support him would not trust him at all. He exhibits characteristics that would not be tolerated for long.

      Happy holidays my friend. You have done a yeoman’s effort this year. Keith

  6. Politicians are not largely supported by voters for their characters but by what the can offer in terms of lifestyle to those who vote. Character is a secondary aspect only used in a desperate attempt to pull a popular man down. When the public look at the characters of a number of politicians they see a lot of self supporting chicanery and they are quite tolerant of it since it is also at large among the general population.
    Niceness is fine in pulpit and the schoolroom , although even there it is in short supply, but in world affairs and business it is quickly trampled underfoot.

    • Kertsen, thanks for your comment. As a 59 year old fart, I must push back on you a little. While I understand your point and its relevance, character is important in business and political leadeship.

      Unfortunately, things have become too tribalized, that people forget that and are overlooking what they would not normally tolerate – this supports your point.

      A leadership consultant I know used to say a great leader deflects credit, while a bad one assumes it even when he has no hand in it. Organizations also take on the personality of its leader. I have seen people who work for jerks treat others poorly because their boss does. I have also seen egalitarian leaders have the most gracious direct reports. The current President is a good example – he likes to pit people against each other, which is a very unproductive business model. As a result, the Trump White House is chaotic and not very competent, not to mention antagonizing others who disagree with them. This is a key reason for the high turnover.

      I am sorry for the long winded response. Your point is a good one, but I do think character matters (or at least it should). Thanks again for commenting. Keith

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