I will not be surprised

I will not be surprised if the Mueller investigation finds that the President of the United States has been compromised by Russia. There is too much lying, ignoring and self-preserving going on by the man in the White House. In fact, if it turns out he is not, that will surprise me. At the very least he is an unwitting agent of Russia. Just ask yourself why he did not impose sanctions on Russia nor has he shown alarm over the Mueller findings that Russia has attacked the US and is still doing so?

I will not be surprised if Congress does not do a damn thing about better gun governance. I am so proud of the young people calling for a march begging for action. Yet, Congress and the President don’t have the backbone to do the right thing and do what a significant majority of Americans have asked for – background checks and elongated waiting periods. These actions should be no brainers, but the NRA dictates subservience to Republicans and some Democrats.

I will not be surprised if Congress cannot reach compromise on the immigration bills, especially with the ever-changing President putting his fingerprints on discord. He upset the proceedings on Friday, a few weeks after he stabbed Senators Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin in the back and asked Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue to lie for him. What all legislators have discovered is the famous self-proclaimed negotiator is not trust worthy. If you do so, it is at your own peril.

I will not be surprised if we have more school shootings in the near future. I will not be surprised if the British parliament decides against Brexit. And, I will sadly not be surprised if one of the leader of Norh Korea and United States does something too provocative. On the school shootings and North Korea issue, I hope I am dead wrong. On the former, with our gun laws, it is very hard to stop a dedicated individual shooter. On the latter, I am not confident that judgment can temper ego with respect to these two leaders.


15 thoughts on “I will not be surprised

  1. Note to Readers: The question that must be asked by all reputable news sources is why has the President not signed off on the overwhelmingly passed sanctions (in the Senate ithe vote was 98 to 2)? The next question is why has he not said or done anything to stop the Russian influence, which continues today. And, just to round it out, why hasn’t Congress raised these questions?

  2. Dear Keith,

    For the past couple days, the president has been tweeting away showing his anger at just about anything except for Russia. This is because Russia owns him and not because of any naughty videos. He is indebted to Russia which makes him a Russian asset. The president played footsies in business with the wrong guys.

    Those young people are full of energy and zeal. They have parents who vote like in Florida. This those not bode well for republicans in the State of Florida, right now. They may actually be in a position to cause them more pain (loss of votes) than the NRA.

    I am 99.99% percent that the president’s love for DACA dreamers was to not appear heartless with his family and the public, where most folks want the dreamers’ plight fixed. He played the Dems, Rep. Senator Lindsey Graham. The president is canny to where he will not do anything to upset his base. You noticed that every time anyone got close to a deal. some thing was done to kill it.

    At first, I wanted Dems to fight for DACA even if it meant a shut down until I figured out that this was what republicans hoped for to bring down Dems’ numbers. Most of the republicans could have cared less about the Dreamers. I hate that these terrific young peoples are being used as pawns.

    The president has a thing for theatrical flourishes. This fit the bill.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, it seems every position is about optics and not helping people. I have a hard time defining what our old party stands for. From my observations, they stand for giving money to rich people and that is about it. I think the allegiance to evangelicals and the NRA are mere ploys to keep them in power. Right now, Trump is now saying he supports some better background checks, but he is known to blow in the wind. So, we will have to see. Keith

  3. Thanks to his bumbling North Korea is now ‘sitting pretty’ as ‘nice but eccentric folks’
    It also seems that the GOP is sticking with him for to do otherwise they will look all kinds of stupid for allowing him to bypass other candidates in the first place. (I suspect some of them are hoping/praying the physical strain of the office will cause him to step down in the not too near future and they can get back to Usual Business)
    As for Brexit…….Who knows? We have people in our government who think we can dictate to Europe, with what I am none too sure…..But they believe it !

    • Roger, I agree that we have made NK look better with our posturing. In my view, VP Pence missed a huge opportunity to start dialogue with Kim Jong Un’s sister. Instead, he appeared to be a petulant little boy.

      As for the Brexit folks, I think the UK’s position has been exposed as a weak one. Plus, as predicted, companies are moving their British EU headquarters or are planning to do so. That will dampen future economic growth. Dublin, Frankfurt, Paris, et al are benefitting.

      Thanks for your perspective. Keith

      • Yes Pence did look very juvenile, just like his boss.
        Britain had its time as a major power, and now must take its turn to decline; Brexit proves the delusion of the school of thought which assume Britain still carries great weight in the world; echoes of Empire and being on the victorious side in two costly world wars.
        To take a quote from the Elfen Queen Galadriel in Lord of The Rings ‘And I shall go into the West and diminish’.
        Take care and best wishes Keith

      • Diminish is apropos. Global trade and relationships makes everyone better. Pulling back diminishes your profit. Also, it makes you more vulnerable. The US and UK need a strong Europe more than just financially.

      • Oh yes. Russia will take advantage; this would be quite natural in the ebbs and flows of European dynamics.
        A simple fact of the way events and circumstances have played out over the past 400 years.

  4. I wish that I was surprised at what is going on but, sadly, I’m not either. Another blogger I follow posted pictures of some anti-Trump artwork she saw in Amsterdam – not in some counter-culture coffee bar, but in a major library. How pathetic are we?

    • Janis, very interesting. Plus he is bringing down our country’s reputation which has fallen from 64% to 49% per a Pew survey. The President’s global reputation is around 32% from the same survey. Why would anyone trust this man? Keith

  5. I will not be surprised at any and all of the above either, my friend. I think your assessment is spot on, and the only one I might question is North Korea, but even that … it rests in the hands of two unstable megalomaniacs, so who can say? Sad state the world is in today, and I will not be surprised to see it get worse in the coming 18 months.

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