Thursday thumbnails redux

Since I am kicking around several topics, let me throw a few together for your reading and reaction. Your thoughts are welcomed and appreciated.

  • It would be terribly unfair to say Republicans are racist, but it seems there are more than a few racists running for important offices in various states under the GOP banner. In Virginia, Illinois  and Florida, for example, a few candidates have a history of racist comments and associations. To their credit, the GOP leadership is not backing all of these candidates, but they should not back any and should condemn their words and actions in no uncertain terms. It is disappointing that the US President has done neither and has greased the skids for white supremacist hate groups who now feel empowered. Trump had a truly a low bar to step over to condemn white supremacists last summer and he tripped.
  • Sexual assault is a heinous crime, yet the accuser does not often come forward given the backlash they get. So, for it to take years to come forward is not uncommon. The fact they do so when the accused is being considered for high office, should reveal a greater sense of character. Professor Blasey Ford deserves due consideration and time for her accusations of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Call me crazy, but we should take the time to get this right as this is one of the nine most important people in our courts. Because we did not take time back in 1991, we may have a man guilty of sexual misconduct on the bench already.
  • I have written before that Democrats are lousy marketers. Even when they have a better story to tell, they often let Republicans define the talking points. The Democrats have many fine candidates running for office. Some are running uphill battles in gerrymandered districts, but they are running well. What should be shouted from the rooftops is they will help improve and stabilize the ACA as it continues to be sabotaged by the GOP making premiums even higher, they will protect our environment against the further roll back of regulations enabling polluting and stay committed to the Paris Climate Change accord, they will make sure we do not devalue our allied relationships and retrench further from our global leadership role, and they will advocate for rights of all citizens, especially those in poverty. And, to be frank, since the GOP has ceded its leadership toward addressing the debt and deficit, the Democrats can be seen as better financial stewards.

Truth be told, the President touts what he has done with the economy, but what he fails to tell people is we are in the 113 consecutive month of economic growth, the bull stock market traces back to March, 2009 and unemployment was low when he took the reins. What has been done, is he is borrowing from our future to make a good economy a little better, but the cost is doing nothing but add fire to our burning debt.

Presidents get too much credit and too much blame for the economy. They do provide headwinds and tailwinds, though, and this President has done both. The headwinds will show up later as noted by most economists, while the tailwinds add today.

12 thoughts on “Thursday thumbnails redux

  1. Nicely put Keith. What I find most disgusting at the moment is that people, and some newsrooms, have tried to cherry pick stories to discredit Dr Ford, have got them badly wrong but still have made no effort to correct them as it doesn’t fit their plans. The lack of support from the Republican women make me wonder what’s most important in their eyes, justice for women, or just to have Trump’s creature on the bench.

    • So-called news sources that purposefully post misleading stories and then not correct them is not news. They are propoganda. A good news sources acknowledged errors. So, does a good leader, so it is not a surprise to see the US President blame everyone else when he screws up and lies.

  2. Great points Keith. I couldn’t agree more that Dems are terrible marketers. R’s can’t govern if their life depended on it, but they sure know how to spin, lie, and obstruct. They’re out of ideas but they they’re now on the cusp of having a conservative majority for years to come. How in the hell have we come to this?

    • Gerrymandering. The GOP won the 2010 midterms in a census year and used the new census results to cheat. Dems have done it as well, but coupled with the Voter restrictive laws, the GOP has been very artful at it.

    • Janis, it seems the Dems are like a boxer who has to be knocked back before they act. My favorite example is the “failed stimulus” mantra the Republicans used over and over again. They used it so much, even Dems believed it. But, it was not true – the stimulus was accretive to the economy. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,

    You have pin-pointed one of my major complaints about the Democratic Party. They are such poor marketers that they shouldn’t even try. I just wish its leaders would learn how to fight back more effectively.

    The republicans fight even when they know they hold a losing hand, the democrats give up almost immediately by saying, we can’t win with this losing hand.

    I want them to believe and fight for certain principles like lifting up middle income wage earners, fighting to reduce the deficit, etc. They need to fight what they stand for and to believe in their causes.

    What I hate seeing in the news are stories like Flint Michigan, where its inhabitants still are fighting to have its pipes changed. Both democrats and republicans let these peoples down. I expect better from democrats.

    Hugs, Gronda

  4. An excellent and timely selection of ‘snippets’. While I would not even think of saying that republicans are racist, for I know many who are not, it does seem that they are willing to turn a blind eye to it. I don’t hear them actively speaking out against it, and they should be if they don’t wish to be complicit.

    The entire Kavanaugh process, if one can even call it a process at this point, has turned into a fiasco and by the very controversy surrounding it, will lower the status of the Supreme Court if he is confirmed. Were he a man of honour, he would have withdrawn already, but instead he alternates between ugly anger and pathetic whining of the “oh, poor me” sort that Trump himself is famous for. If he is confirmed, we should just paint graffiti on the Supreme Court and maybe sell peanuts.

    What I cannot understand about any of this is why/how the 36% or thereabouts who support Trump are calling all the shots. It is their opinions only that seem to matter to lawmakers, while saner, more responsible voices are going unheard.

    I agree with you that the Democratic Party needs to hire a marketing firm! The candidates have good, solid platforms, but … all you hear about is the more bombastic republican candidates. We are as wallflowers. Sigh.

    • Thanks Jill. Why it has taken so long to order a FBI follow-up is a story by itself. Graham can have all the righteous indignation he wants, but he cannot argue against taking the time to do this.

      • You got me, Keith. They are hell-bent and determined to get this guy confirmed by hook or by crook, and they will not let anything, not even those pesky facts, stand in their way. Sigh. And now, they have given the FBI one week (less, actually) to investigate, but I would bet that no matter what the FBI investigation turns up, Kavanaugh, the big baby, will be confirmed. Sigh.

      • Jill, while the FBI is doing there thing, another women will be on TV per her attorney, Michael Avenati. More will now get into the public vernacular. Keith

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