The Land of Misfits (Fruits and Veggies)

On one of the Christmas movies, there was a land of misfit toys. Today, I read an article about a company named Misfits Markets called “A company that delivers ugly produce is coming to Charlotte,” by Rachel Chernaskey of

In the US, we throw away a significant amount of usable food. A good portion of that is misshapen, bruised and unloved produce that does not make the cut for grocers or restaurants. Misfits Markets is a subscription service whose “company’s mission is focused on alleviating the environmental impact of food waste,” per its CEO and founder Abhi Ramesh.

Per Chernasky, Ramesh said he was inspired when he saw a Pennsylvania farmer collecting 2,000 or so apples to toss away. This is not uncommon, as some farmers find it easier to toss the food rather than donate it. The time and expense of trucking it to the food bank, make it easier to toss it.

Misfits Markets sell weekly, seasonal boxes of food priced by family size. The boxes will include a seasonal mix of apples, bananas, beets, berries, celery, kale, lima beans, pumpkins, squash, yams, et al. For a family of two, the box is $19 plus shipping and for four it is $34 plus shipping.

This is a marvelous idea as it promotes sustainable commerce from waste. It addresses head on the path to just discard usable food and with the challenges facing farmers, it could make a difference to their bottom line. Please look into Misfits Markets. There are other companies doing this as well.


6 thoughts on “The Land of Misfits (Fruits and Veggies)

  1. Sounds like a good company filling an important need. Food doesn’t have to look perfect to be good. 🙂

    One other issue that contributes to food waste in our country is the “sell by” and “use by” dates on food. There is no set standard as to what it means. When I have asked food companies they have indicated that it is the date by which the food is freshest. A lot of good food is tossed because of that.

    • Thanks Roseylinn. Your point is excellent. Many of these dates are suggested prime sell by dates. The product is still good. Obviously, we must be more careful with meats and fish, but canned and packaged goods can last much longer than indicated by the suggested date. Thanks for raising this. Keith

  2. Argh! Right at the start you have given me an earworm … ♫ We’re on the Island of Misfit toys … ♫

    Many thumbs up for Misfit Markets! One of my pet peeves is the food wasted in this country by restaurants and grocery stores. My friend Herb, who I have mentioned before, works for Ahold Delhaize, which owns Giant stores on the East Coast and I must say that they do their share when it comes to donating to local food banks food that is close to expiry, or simply not going to sell because it is small, ugly, not selling well, etc. I cringe every week when I clean out my fridge to find forgotten leftovers with green fuzzy stuff growing on it, and think how many people could have gone to bed with a full belly on that. 😥

    • Jill, sorry for the unintended ear worm. Was this from “Frosty” or “Rudolph?” Ahold Delhaize does the same down here with their Food Lion stores. They are integrated with Second Harvest Center. As for those leftovers, I eat them much longer than my wife will. To me it is less throw away, plus it is good for the fixed budget. Keith

      • Heh heh … that’s okay, for it was a fun one. It’s from Rudolph … I know this, for we watch it multiple times every holiday season! Ah yes, I remember now that Ahold bought out Food Lion a couple of years ago. I’m like you with the leftovers! A few nights ago, I dished myself up a snack of some leftover coleslaw, and Natasha said, “Grannie, are you sure that’s still any good?” Yeah, probably … and I ate it … and I didn’t get sick! I hate throwing food away!

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