Republican Joe Walsh on Trump

The following are excerpts from an op-ed written by Republican Joe Walsh, who is running against Donald Trump. I fully recognize he is adversarial to Trump as a candidate, but this is one of two people who are saying Trump does not and should not represent the GOP or America. The quotes speak for themselves.

“Donald Trump has visited Iowa fewer than five days since he took office, but tonight, four days ahead of the Republican Caucuses, he’ll descend upon Des Moines for one of those grandstanding rallies that have become his trademark: A spectacle long on self-indulgent bravado and lies, and short on substance and unity.

In typical form, the President will leave as quickly as he comes, spending just a couple of hours in Iowa campaigning for his reelection. He’ll listen to no one, he won’t engage in dialogue with any student, parent, or senior citizen, and he won’t take a question from one single Iowa voter. He never does. He’ll bask in himself on stage, and then he’ll get out of Dodge. One more reminder that Donald Trump doesn’t care about the hardworking people of Iowa. He cares only about Donald Trump.

I believe our country is strong enough to turn the page on these last four years if we rise up and act, but I fear for our country if we are forced to endure four more years of Trump.

I’m exhausted by this President, a narcissist who makes everyday about himself. Our country deserves a President focused on our country’s pressing issues, like our falling-apart infrastructure, broken healthcare system and rapidly changing workforce. Most of all, we deserve to have a president who is capable of basic human decency.”

I find it of interest, Walsh saying he is “exhausted” by the president. Many use the same term or its sister “wearied” in defining the impact of this president. What I find interesting is the lengths the GOP and its leadership have gone to squelch dissent in their party to avoid making the president look bad. No witnesses must be called. Fox News airing the Democrats case with no audio. Walsh and Bill Weld cannot get on certain states’ primaries. Last time I checked, this was supposed to be a democracy.

12 thoughts on “Republican Joe Walsh on Trump

  1. I especially like where he says that we especially deserve a president who is capable of basic human decency. Sigh. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that either Walsh or Weld will get on enough states’ primaries to even come close to beating Trump. Apparently, the GOP is afraid of what might happen if the voters were allowed a choice within their party.

    • Jill, that is dead on accurate. People in the party walk on egg shells so as not to offend the thin skinned one. The examples are too numerous, but staff spending time to hide the John McCain air craft carrier is a good example. Keith

  2. I most certainly am not a Republican, nor for that matter have I ever been a Republican, therefore my opinion may not be worth a grain of salt. The GOP has slid far down into the swamp, but this cannot all be laid at Trump’s feet as it began long before his arrival in the Oval Office…with his presence, it has just gotten far worse. Former Representative of Illinois Joe Walsh, were one Republican inclined, if given the chance could be an improvement over Trump, but then for that matter so would a mosquito. In fairness I must add that Joe Walsh said aloud what many Americans are thinking, be they Republicans, Democrats or Independents. There are some other verbal Republican former members of Congress that seem to agree such as those in “Republicans for Integrity”. Mayhaps, there is some small amount of hope for the GOP. Thank-you!

    • Ellen, I agree with your sentiments. I left the GOP in 2007 for several reasons, but one is a tendency to make things up, leveraging off of Fox News. So, the slide started long before Trump.

      I cite Republicans and former Republicans so as to highlight to Trump supporters it is not just Democrats who feel this way. There are several groups that are actively against what Trump repeesents – Republicans for the Rule of Law, eg. The dilemma is Trump keeps enemies’ lists and seeks revenge. So, folks are scared of this Don. Keith

    • Scottie, we would not be the first to say that the president runs the country like a mob boss. As a GOP legislator said, at one law signing, he saw a list on the president’s desk of those who voted against the president’s bill. Like Nixon before him, who was a crook, the current president keeps an enemies list. What does that say about him? Keith

      • Hello Keith. Ron has told me of tRump’s “huge” ability to hold a grudge, and to make one up if he desires. He has the idea that anyone who doesn’t praise him , doesn’t agree with him, and doesn’t do as he says to do is an enemy that must be destroyed. Why I do not understand. Hugs

      • Scottie, that is consistent with what others say. Have you ever read a list of a narcissist’s attributes? Trump in a nutshell. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I recognize most of the folks who read this may lean Democrat, but I think it behooves the nation, to let people know what non-Trump Republicans and Independents are saying. I fully recognize that many in his base will dismiss these comments as traitorous, as they are doing with Senator Mitt Romney and Susan Collins, but the awareness of these two GOP candidates and other formal Republican groups who are pushing back on Trump can permit “a help me understand” follow-up to a Trump supporter. A good example is “it is shame some states are not allowing Joe Walsh or Bill Weld in their GOP primaries, as it seems so un-democratic.”

  4. That exhaustion — which is surprisingly universal all across America — may, in the end, be the driving force that pushes him OUT of office. There is an national trend towards high blood pressure, too. It’s one thing to “stir up” the people. It’s another thing to make everyone feel half beaten to death. Even if I liked him, which clearly I don’t, I’d still be yearning for a candidate who will take care of America’s business and let me get on with my own.

  5. Note to Readers: I just posted the following comment on Scottie’s Toy Box blog.

    “The literary example that comes to mind is the Republican Senators have now fully opened Pandora’s Box. They may not ever get a chance to put the president back in the box and my guess is they won’t be able to. What they are missing, because of fear and blind allegiance, is this is the point of reckoning where they could have saved their party and democracy. This point may be looked back on in history as the watershed moment that the GOP leaders failed to act upon.”

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