Four little windows

There is ad nauseum evidence of the corrupt, bullying, unempathetic and deceitful words and actions of the president. Yet, sometimes little windows offer clear insight into the nature of the president.

On the day interim FBI Andrew McCabe was packing up his office to retire, he was fired by the president to deny McCabe his pension. This may be  worse than firing people without telling them, which he has done several times. Who does that?

After informing two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Bob Woodard in early February he was aware of the coronavirus risk and how it could be transmitted, the president chose not to inform Americans and had several rallies later in the month. He did not tell his ardent base they were being exposed and further downplayed the virus as a hoax. Who does that?

On a day which will be remembered as “sh**hole country” day, the president agreed to a deal in the morning with Senators Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham for money for the infamous border wall (his main campaign theme) in trade for making DACA into law to help about 800,000 children born in America to illegal immigrants. By the time Durbin and Graham got there, the president had been talked out of the deal by hard line Senator Tom Cotton among others. The two Senators were none to happy with the president for reneging on the agreed upon deal. To top it off, Trump offended several countries by referring to immigrants therefrom as coming from “sh**hole countries.”

Finally, with his current pep rallies, setting aside the COVID-19 exposure, he insulted his base in Pennsylvania and Iowa regarding not wanting to come there, telling Iowans he hoped he would never be back. But, he saved his worst for Nebraskans who he made wait in the cold weather and trudge back to their cars afterwards. Again, these are his most ardent fans. Yet, we should not be surprised, as radio host Howard Stern noted after fifteen hours of interviews with Trump over the years, Trump does not give a hoot about those folks.

There are many other examples to draw from – the poorly planned travel ban which was so botched it was pulled after two days, the vindictive firings or transfers of Inspectors General and public servants who testified under oath, or the horrible separation of children from asylum seekers et al. This is the person who represents the United States.

After the failed travel ban, conservative David Brooks said the Trump White House is “equal parts chaos and incompetence.” About a year or so later, Brooks noted “Trump does not have empathy or sense of decency.” Agreed on all counts.


13 thoughts on “Four little windows

  1. You could not write this stuff if you tried. Surreal doesn’t describe it well enough. It is so ironic that the man doesn’t give a hoot about anyone and there are so many passionate supporters. Is this what they hope for in a leader?

  2. Hello Keith. To me the best window on how tRump views anyone not wealthy is what he did to his supporters in Omaha, Nebraska, when he left them cheering him in the cold with no way to their cars as he jetted away. He got what he wanted, after that they were disposable. As are the rest of us. Hugs

  3. Every single day for almost four years now, there has been a window of one sort or another. I could write a book … others have and still more will. History will judge him harshly, and will also judge his enablers harshly. Let us hope the end is near, for if the end of his ‘Reign of Cruelty’ isn’t near, then the end of our nation as we once knew it will likely be near.

  4. Note to Readers: Another window is very indicative of his lack of appreciation of people’s time and effort. While the military leaders waited downstairs for a 10 am briefing on the four options and their ramifications on the transgender in the military issue following much work, the president sent two tweets around 9:05 am saying he and the military chiefs reached a decision picking the most severe change. That was a lie. It also led a ticked off Secretary of Defense General James Mattis to say “I don’t take orders from a tweet.” It should be noted Mattis resigned later in the year and recently noted that Donald Trump “does not even try to unite us.”

    • David, sadly these are true, which makes them so frustrating. What I still cannot understand, for a person who craves to be viewed as a leader, not seizing the opportunity presented to help the country address COVID-19, he whiffed at the ball on the tee. For some reason he decided to lie about it and still does so today. Keith

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