Those what if questions

As we age, we sometimes reflect on what might have transpired if something happened differently. It is an interesting exercise, but also makes you ponder what is important to you. With this in mind, here are a few what if questions.

  • What if the girl or boy you felt madly about reciprocated with the same fervor? If that happened, then you may not have met your wonderful spouse and had your terrific children
  • What if you turned down a drink invitation from someone who would become the most important person in your life?.
  • What if you got the job you desperately wanted in another town? Would your career path have dramatically changed?
  • What if you had not changed your mind about leaving a job and went to another employer? Would you have shortchanged yourself?
  • What if you had not said yes to joining a charity group to help people in need? Would you be less open minded about the plight of others?
  • What if you not said no to a road less traveled and did not veer off to explore some wonderful venues?
  • What if you did not mend a fence with an old friend or relative before it was too late?

We are the compilation of our life experiences. Some of those experiences were heart breaking and some were exhilarating. Yet, we benefit from the learning. We benefit from the relationship, even if it ended some time ago. We benefit from the reflection we could have handled something better than we did. We benefit from opportunities as they teach us so much.

We each have loved and lost. We each have had relationships with people who cared either more or less than we cared about them. That is one of time’s oldest stories. Relationships are hard work. Finding and keeping one where you are on the same path forward is also hard, but oh so very rewarding.


10 thoughts on “Those what if questions

    • Thanks Joy. My wife and I met and started dating at the right time, after some other relationships did not last. She is easily the best half of our family, so all turned out for the best. I did have a work life moment when I resigned and changed my mind while packing my desk. I called my wife, my old boss and had to wait for his boss to give his OK. It turned out to be the best career decision. Keith

  1. Life is a series of twists ‘n turns, crossroads where a decision must be made, a path chosen. Where we end up at the end of the day is a compilation of all those decisions — most minor, a few life-changing. How we treat others is a result of the things we’ve seen, the lessons learned. As I near the end of the journey, I look back and yes, there are things I wish I had done differently, but if I had, I would be in a different place than I am now, would be a somewhat different person. I’m comfortable in my own skin, I’m not perfect, but relatively speaking, I’m a decent person with a functional brain, so I must have done a few things right along the way. Good thought-provoking post, Keith!

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