Have you ever wondered…

Since I am in need to write something apolitical and, hopefully, funny, please enjoy the following. And, do offer your “wonderings” in the comments.

Have you ever wondered….

why it is nigh impossible to move cooked riced from one container to another without spilling some of it on the counter?

-why spilled oil and vinegar based dressings will invariably miss your napkin and find your shirt or blouse?

why a yellow towel, shirt, blouse, dress or shorts will eventually be stained by other clothing in the wash – some dark clothing will sneak its way in there?

-why your talkative friend who needs an audience will call as you prepare for dinner?

why some folks don’t understand that once you find yourself in a hole, the key is to stop digging?

-why too many men don’t realize a truism, a man will never be shot while doing the dishes?

why women and men tend to have different definitions of what it means to go shopping – something about that hunter/ gatherer difference or maybe it is in that Venus/ Mars article?

-why the best retorts you think of may be better left unsaid – something about winning a battle and losing a war?

why people fail to realize that there are very few one way communication problems?

-why more couples don’t realize those who tend to work at their relationships and marriages tend to have more successful ones?

why husbands and boyfriends don’t realize that their wives or girlfriends do not want you to fix their problem, they want you to listen as they vent?

That is all for now. Please forgive the generalizations used for humor as I recognize everyone is different and relationships vary. What are your thoughts?

13 thoughts on “Have you ever wondered…

  1. Ang, agreed. Please forgive the generality, but at least in my experience, we men are more comfortable with a brief shopping excursion, while women tend to be more than fine with a leisurely experience. Again, people are different, so these generalizations are just that. Keith

  2. Awesome!! Every single point…!!!
    “Why don’t sisters-in-law recognize when they have crossed the line into privacy to satisfy their curiosity?”

      • Absolutely. Family secrets are secret for a reason. I know of one person in particular, who is uncomfortable to be around for that reason. Just because she asks does not mean it must be answered, especially when the answer is analyzed in public by the inquiring mind.

  3. “–why husbands and boyfriends don’t realize that their wives or girlfriends do not want you to fix their problem, they want you to listen as they vent?”
    47 years of marriage and you think I would have got that one right by now?….Nope.
    (Say something to a Socialist; they’ll reckon there’s an injustice and try to give you a solution)

  4. fun post Keith!!! I think you used them all up. I will tell you though I know why red gets mixed in the wash…. because my husband throws all the colors and whites together. Hey he does his wasyh so I can’t complain but touch something of mine? Never!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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