More candid observations

In keeping with the theme of my previous post, the following are some diplomatic candid observations:

– Help me understand why the people in the White House seem surprised that North Korea is not going to give up its nuclear weapons? I applaud their and the the South Korean’s effort and energy, but we seemed to be a little naive that Kim would cave.

– Saying something under oath in front of a judge who will sentence you carries a lot more gravitas than tweeting or saying something to a favorable interviewer. Under oath, Michael Cohen said he committed illicit acts at the direction of the candidate. I realize Cohen is not a Boy Scout, but his words under oath should carry some weight.

– A man of character died Saturday on what would have been my parents’ 67th anniversary. Senator John McCain was an imperfect man with whom I did not always agree, but he was very honorable public servant. Character and honor are two words that are not top of mind when I look to define a certain man in a US leadership position. I think it speaks volumes that McCain asked such a man to be excluded from attendance at his funeral.

– It is nigh impossible to stop bigoted thoughts or the teaching of children about bigotry. But, we must shine spotlights on behaviors that strip away at other people’s rights or promote one group’s rights over that of another. We must share our disagreement with hate speech. The easiest thing to do is vote with your feet and avoid people and places that enable bigoted thoughts. Confrontation is difficult, but listening, questioning and commenting can be done civilly with some. Or, it can take the form of openly applauding the efforts and successes of people who seem to be targeted with hate speech more than others.

– Finally, one’s reputation is the dearest thing we own. Rob Roy said your honor is a gift you give to yourself. This is why it is puzzling so many Republican legislators are spending their dear reputation supporting a man who daily brings dishonor to the Presidency and would throw them under the bus if needed. Please note my intentional avoidance of the use of “leader” in my descriptions.

We Americans and others around the world are craving an honorable leader. And, as said in the movie “The American President,” being President is entirely about character.

7 thoughts on “More candid observations

  1. Note to Readers: It never ceases to amaze how facts can be so easily distorted and the distortion repeated until the legend becomes truth. A good example is the line about the “failed stimulus” plan under Obama. Repiblicans were told to use the adjective “failed” and it became believed even by Democrats. The truth is it did not fail so says six separate econometric firms. It was accretive to economic growth. It just needed to be more money.

    Donald Trump has been doing victory laps along with Republicans about the economy going so well. Certain measures taken are accretive, but may also be dilutive down the road (tax cut, regulation cutbacks). But, he was handed the keys on an economy that is now in its 111th consecutive month of growth, a stock market that has been bullish since March, 2009, a low unemployment rate and job growth which is likely onto its eighth successive year of 2+ million jobs.

    Trump has only been President for 19 months. Yes, it continued, but it would have likely continued without any measures.

    I worry about our debt, our environment and the tariffs/ immigration/ travel restrictions, all of which are headwinds to growth. And, those are all at Trump’s direction. So, a victory lap is premature, in my view. And, if he still wants to pat himself on the back ask him the following question. “Why were more jobs created in 2016 than in 2017?”

  2. Dear Keith,

    I can’t help but wonder how Generals Mattis and Kelly are reacting to President Trump’s lack of decency in honoring what every military person knows to be true, Senator John McCain is definitely a military hero.

    I hope the republican party loses a lot of votes that they can normally count on from military service members. Sooner or later, they have to recognize that their Commander-in-Chief is clueless about what words like honor, courage, integrity mean. He just wants his military parade and to have it make him look good and strong, as he caters to his base.

    You and I know that those GOP law makers are going to get an earful from the likes of President Barack Obama and President George W. Bush, as they channel Senator McCain when they deliver the eulogies.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, I have wondered the same thing, but like you, it predates just the treatment of John McCain. The list is long – the Gold Star family insults, the Boy Scouts speech, the belittling of training and preparedness with South Korea, etc. I do get more comfort with Mattis and Kelly around. Keith

  3. How do we convince the GOP members of Congress that they need to take their consciences out of storage and act like men of honour? Apparently the only way is to vote them out of office, for we have made our opinions clear to them time and time again, but they haven’t listened. They are mesmerized by the shiny things dangled before them, else more afraid of the buffoon-in-chief than they are of their constituents. Trump’s treatment of McCain’s death was, for me, the final straw. This man is no ‘president’ … he is fake through and through and must go, by whatever means necessary.

    • Jill, I truly don’t know what will be the final straws for the Congressional sycophants. I see a little more push back, but they are scared to act. I sense they are very worried about what is coming down the pike.

      Yet, the man in the White House is relentless in his efforts to paint all criticism as fake or do to pure hatred of him. Everyone is out to get him. As I mention in response to another comment you made on my previous post, he has blinded and deafened his supporters to sources of criticism. Keith

      • Sigh. I forget, sometimes, that the republicans in Congress answer to those 80% of republicans who absolutely love Trump. I read this morning that the GOP is making a big push to get republicans to the polls in November, saying that if they lose their majority, there will be nobody to “protect the president”. If he acted half human and made some sound decisions, he wouldn’t need protection!

      • Jill, what they fail to realize is the President is his own worst enemy. The GOP says the media does not cover the good things enough – the fault lies at Trump’s thumbs as he consistently changes the narrative. They are forced to cover the latest inane and unsupported thing he tweets or says. His lying rate at his pep rallies exceeds his normal 2/3 lying rate. Keith

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