The majority of the people want better gun governance

From an article called “Polls find Americans mostly are supportive of stricter laws on guns” by Dawn Baumgartner Vaughn of the Raleigh News and Observer, please note the following cited survey results. Note these results have been fact checked by the paper’s Fact Checking Project.

– Gallup’s poll from August, 2019 noted “61% would support a ban on semi-automatic guns known as assault rifles.”

– The Civitas Institute (a conservative policy group) poll from September, 2019 showed “58% of respondents saying gun laws were not strict enough.” Note of the Civitas poll respondents, “48% either owned a gun or had someone in their home who owned a gun.”

– A Quinnipac University poll from May, 2019 showed “61% of Americans support stricter gun laws. The same poll showed 94% of Americans support required background checks for gun buyers. And, 77% of those polled support ‘requiring individuals to obtain a license before being able to purchase a gun.'”

– In 2017, Politifact Wisconsin “found multiple previous polls citing support for background checks ranging from 84% to 94%.”

The numbers 58% and 61% are meaningful, but let’s focus on the 94% (or even 84% to 94%) of respondents who want required background checks and the 77% who want a license before hand.

These are consequential majorities. Earlier this week, the Houston Chief of Police challenged his two Texas Senators (Ted Cruz and John Cornyn) and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to act after yet another police officer was killed.

The NRA has spoken. Now, we need to set their ardent, sales focused rhetoric aside and act sensibly. Just the two items highlighted above will help – background checks and pre-buy licensing. No loopholes. Cars require ownership and driving licenses to operate. Yet, they are not designed to kill.

I am long-ago tired of the standard “thoughts and prayers” line offered by legislators followed by “now is not the time to discuss changes.” Since people are dying everyday by suicide and other reasons, waiting for a time with no deaths will not happen. Further, the mass shootings of more than a few victims are happening with alarming frequency.

To be brutally frank, Democrats should push this issue to the nth degree. Maybe, the Senate and president will act. It matters not who pats themselves on the back – JUST DO SOMETHING!

20 thoughts on “The majority of the people want better gun governance

  1. Spot on Keith, and music to my ears. Until we somehow minimize the influence of the NRA on these politicians, I feel not much will get done. But pressure, phone calls to reps, and protests certainly help. Damn right: Do Something! please

    • Jeff, thanks. Dems need to push this hard. Better gun governance. Keep it direct and simple. Background checks, licensing before, and red flag laws. Those three should be acceptable to a significant majority of Americans. Keith

      • All reasonable…all doable…all must get done. Persistence is all we have Keith. I’m certainly not giving up.

    • Jeff, I know you don’t care for Bloomberg, but whoever gets the nod needs to keep it simple as he is doing – guns, climate change, jobs and healthcare. Keith

      • He’s got a shot Keith. I will vote for him if he’s the nominee. No doubt. You’re right. Not my first choice by any means. But, he’d be a 100 times better than Trump….

      • True. I would not mind a boring, decent, collaborative leader. The incumbent makes me weary with his childish behavior.

      • There have not been any travel warnings about the US yet but of course, every one knows about the gun problem. And yes, there are clear advice when traveling to the US to avoid certain places. The US are known for its high crime rate.

  2. What an excellent post, my friend! It’s funny, but when I ponder aloud about why the republicans do this or that, I am told it is because they are trying to appease their constituency. Okay, I get that. But, in this case, their constituency, or at least the majority, plainly WANT more regulations on gun ownership, and yet they keep voting it down, or in the case of today’s Senate, refusing to even bring it to the floor for discussion. The NRA, then, has more power over our elected representatives that WE have? Something is very wrong with this picture, and frankly it is past time to clip the wings of the NRA. It is time to remind our members of Congress to whom they owe their seat and their allegiance.

    • Jill, money influences. The NRA, fossil fuel industries, et al. have outsized impact on what happens. Until the people can very clearly say “your job depends on acting,” they will side with the money. This is where shareholder activism can make a difference. Companies can influence if we tell them we will not buy your products. Walmart, Dicks, eg, have made changes to what they sell. Thanks, Keith

      • You are right … and that is why it’s so important that we use our voice, that we call/write to them, post letters to the Editors, etc., to let them know that we mean business, that we are tired of seeing our children killed. And you’re also right about our voice in our choice of places and products to either use or boycott.

  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    One of my biggest pet peeves, as most of you know, is the gun culture in this nation. Were it within my power, I would revoke the 2nd Amendment, and I’m fairly certain that the Founding Fathers would kick themselves if they could see what a misinterpretation we have made of it. Our friend Keith has written an excellent post pointing out that the majority of the people in this nation actually SUPPORT stricter gun legislation, yet … our legislators ignore us. Thank you, Keith, for this excellent, eye-opening post!

  4. I noticed a ‘headline’ somewhere in relation to the killing of John Lennon that since his death approx. 1,000,000 Americans have died in gun related violence. Would you think that a credible figure at approximately 35,000 a year?

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