Forget the original Jesus, follow the new savior

It saddens me the US president is the most corrupt and untruthful president in my lifetime, including Richard Nixon. It further saddens me that some Christian leaders are whitewashing his indecency saying he is God ordained. Really?

At the National Prayer Breakfast last week, the US president followed a speaker who rightfully shared the teachings of Jesus about loving your enemies. He was followed by the US president, who forewarned the first speaker that he might not like what the president was about to say.

The president then proceeded to trash and ridicule all of his critics. With disdain, he took aim at Senator Mitt Romney denigrating his use of a faith to come to a conclusion the president did wrong. He then ridiculed Speaker Nancy Pelosi for saying she would pray for the president.

Conservative author and pundit David Brooks has described the president as lacking empathy and common decency. When we need someone to galvanize Americans or lament over a tragedy, he is not up to the task. He has followed the Machiavelian tactics of dividing and conquering. Even at a prayer conference.

I am not alone in saying the president is a threat to our democracy, running the country in a regal fashion. Yet, he is also a threat to the teachings of Jesus that Christians adhere to.

What may have been even more sad than a corrupt and indecent person trashing and ridiculing his enemies are two things. First, Mitt Romney delivered a heartfelt speech about voting his conscience following his religious upbringing. Second, after the president trashed Romney, people at the prayer conference cheered.

Jesus said to treat people like you want to be treated. The new savior said to make people fear you and destroy your critics.


16 thoughts on “Forget the original Jesus, follow the new savior

  1. We know that Trump is corrupt and dishonest, as well as cruel and evil. But I think what bothers me most is that, as you say, after his vitriolic speech at a prayer breakfast, people cheered. It makes a statement loud and clear about a portion of our society. These are the same sort of people who attend a bullfight or a boxing match, hoping to see an animal killed or a man brutally beaten.

    • Jill, when tribalism trumps religious beliefs, it has taken us to a new low. The other thing we lose sight of is the sexual assault record of the president. Pence was going to resign over this after the Access Hollywood tape became public, but he put his religious convictions in a box, put a clothes pin on his nose and ran. Contrast that to Romney’s heartfelt speech last week. Keith

      • Perfect analogy … “he put his religious convictions in a box”. I think that the republicans in Congress and much of Trump’s administration, ie Bill Barr, have put their values in a box and buried the box deep.

      • Jill, agreed for those who had convictions. There are a few whose convictions are not admirable. Roger Stone is a self-proclaimed dirty trickster. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: Picture Jesus making fun of a disabled reporter. Picture Jesus deriding a captured war hero. Picture Jesus telling people in the crowd to get him (or her) out of here when someone criticizes the him. Picture Jesus bragging on fondling woman through their skirts because he could get away with it. Picture Jesus bragging on walking in on unclad teenage beauty pageant contestants with impunity. Picture Jesus being untruthful more than he is not. Picture Jesus running people down for disagreeing with him and keeping enemies list….You cannot. But, we have seen all this with the new savior.

  3. It is a tragic indictment of the division in the nation. His supporters (actually his creators) will stand with him not because of him, but because he angers liberals and democrats.
    We will all be called to Judgement, some of us will find all those words we used of Earth in our lives will count for nothing.

  4. I’m not sure if you’ve seen or read about this song, but hopefully it will reach and affect the target audience…

    have been off/out in the bosque and just getting back with the real world — am a bit hesitant to see what’s happened in the past week…

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