Is this what a president for the common man does?

Many of the Trump base have no idea they are voting against their economic interests. This advertised populist, common man president, fails to let folks know the following:

– in his first two hours of being president, he repealed a regulation that would have reduced homeowners insurance premiums for securing mortgages with the less than 20% down, that was scheduled to go in effect February 1, 2017. This would have helped about one million low income homeowners.

– he has hobbled the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that was very successful, but banks and credit card companies did not like it. The CFPB penalized these companies for fraudulent and aggressive lending practices, with 95% of the fines going to cheated consumers. In short, the CFPB helps folks who are targeted.

– he eliminated a new requirement that said all investment advisors have to be fiduciaries, meaning they must put your interests ahead of their own. This was done to help investment advisors, paid by the transaction, to encourage sales that may not be in your best interests.

– he passed a tax bill that favored the elites and businesses, under the guise of helping everyone. To keep the bill down to costing only $1.5 trillion in debt, he had to have some pay higher taxes – a sneaky requirement noted that state and local tax deductions were capped at $10,000, so if you owned a house and lived in a state where income tax occurred, your tax bill may increase. Note, folks who do not itemize deductions, tended to come out ahead with the change.

– he failed to tell people (actually lying about the impact routinely) the tariffs would be paid for by consumers when importers passed along the cost. He has routinely lied saying China will pay the tariffs, but that simply is not true. Each time he said this, economists would rebut his lie.

– he also lied about an ACA change he made that increased premiums for people, saying it would only impact insurer profits. In essence, he ceased the subsidy to insurers to repay them for paying deductibles, copays, etc. for members making less than 2 1/2 times the poverty rate. Insurers honored their written commitment (Trump did not) and subsidies went up to pay for the resulting increase in premiums. BCBS of North Carolina said premiums the next year were going to increase by 0%, but with the Trump change, they went up by over 6%. The CBO said the increase in subsidies increased the deficit by $10 billion per annum and unsubsidized folk saw premium increases.

– he has advocated a COVID-19 relief bill which will prevent employees from suing employers for endangering them with COVID-19 exposure.

– finally, environmental deregulation hurts those in poverty more, as they have fewer choices as to where to live.

There is more. With his attacks on the ACA, with a pending lawsuit that would harm it, more of Trump’s base will be harmed. Plus, with his misinformation and mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are being harmed and dying. Of all that I mentioned, his callousness and negligence in COVID-19 handling is the most prominent failure that impacts people.

So, in turn for getting protection over gun rights and attacks on abortion access, the president has largely screwed over his base and they have no idea he has.

39 thoughts on “Is this what a president for the common man does?

  1. This is the post that every one of Trump’s supporters needs to read and understand, for indeed they are voting against their own best interests. If he cared about their best interests, he would have done none of the above, but instead would have proposed such things as repairing ACA, raising the federal minimum wage, etc. His base, often referred to as a cult, focus only on one issue and seem blind to the bigger picture. Good post, my friend.

    • Jill, thanks. The GOP and Trump position against the ACA and Medicaid expansion has caused rural hospitals to close as well, so healthcare and jobs have suffered, as a result. These rural hospitals were often one of the largest employers in the area.

      We should not forget US farmers suffered and continue to suffer due to the tariffs. While they received some government subsidy, China and others found new suppliers. So, these folks will be hurting for awhile. Keith

      • You’re so right about the farmer’s plight. Most of the government subsidies, from what I can see, went to the big corporate farmers rather than the little guys struggling to hold on to their farms.

      • Jill, these farmers build pipelines for sales and they have been disrupted. The small ones were in a perilous position before the tariffs, with the bigger ones able to withstand the loss of revenue, a little better. Farmer bankruptcies have increased. Keith

    • This is the post that every one of Trump’s supporters needs to read and understand, for indeed they are voting against their own best interests.

      Yes. But they won’t read it. Or, if they do read it, they will refuse to understand it.

      That’s what propoganda had done to them.

  2. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Trump supporters seem to be unaware of the many ways in which they are voting against their own best interests, or effectively shooting themselves in the foot, when they vote for Trump. Keith provides a few of these examples in his excellent post this afternoon. Thank you, Keith!

  3. Note to Readers: What perturbs me about many of the above is the mean-spiritedness that permeates. Take the CFPB example and think of your mother, father or a grandparent getting a call from
    an aggressive marketer who makes them think they a product they don’t have. The marketer could tell them their plan has been compromised and sell them a new plan with the information the marketer gleans. Or, think of predatory lending which makes someone pay 24% on a car loan. This is who the CFPB protects. Banks and credit card companies asked Trump to hobble it. Why? Bank of America, Wells Fargo, American Express et al have been fined over $11 billion for aggressive and fraudulent marketing. And, $10 billion went to those people defrauded or sold things they did not ask for.

  4. Geez Keith, you’d think that would be enough evidence for his base that he just doesn’t give a damn about them. But no, they’ll continue to blindly follow this man. It’s one of truly great mysteries of our time.

  5. Thank you for letting me know some facts about these issues. Are the matters signed in or out of the law, in fact, understood by him, or simply sold to him as a further photo op by his enablers. He fills the role of a “Useful Idiot”, generally a person perceived spruiking a cause without fully getting the cause’s goals; ie used by the cause’s leaders for their ends.

    • David, good question. Is he fully cognizant of who gets screwed or does he know and not care? He does not study issues, so it may be a little of both. In my observations, perception matters more to him than reality. If he really cared, he would tell his team to make sure he honors that mission. Keith

  6. Mr Trump appears to have a short attention span. When we watch his televisual appearances he tends to meander from one disjointed topic to the other vaguely connected by a focus on self. Some of us in Australia cringe to see Office of the President brought so low

    • David, so true. One of his followers wrote a letter saying how eloquent and to the point Trump is. Someone responded with a letter along your lines, saying Biden is like Shakespeare compared to Trump. Trump has a hard time putting sentences together and often repeats himself three to five times. Keith

      • That was a “tremendous” comment, Keith. Totally tremendous. In fact, your entire post was tremendous. And after reading all the comments, I wanted to say how tremendous they are as well.

      • Thanks Nan. More folks need to know what he has done, not just how he acts. Even today, he showed how dangerous he is by saying the Beirut explosion was an attack. Shoot, ready, aim. That’s the president we have. Keith

      • Nan, sorry to be slow on the uptake. Tremendously, well played. If you had said “beautiful,” which is a favorite of said person, I would have picked up on it. Keith

  7. There is NO way to tell Trump’s base any of this. Go & try & tell them. I’ll sit here & wait while you do it. You’ll never get past the first few sentences of your argument. They will not listen. They won’t even hear you. They won’t even care. Believe me, I have had these kinds of arguments numerous times BEFORE the 2016 election & many times afterward & it’s a lesson in futility. I no longer care about Trump’s base. They’re as useless as he is. Hillary was right when she called them deplorables. They’re the reason this country sucks. Blame the 1% all you want but without these dumbasses, the 1% wouldn’t be able to do shit.

    • SilverAppleQueen, I try to drop a few seeds without indicting, but know full well my target audience is not the folks who show up at rallies. Recently, I sent an email version of my post on the alternate Republican convention, Republicans for a new president. The significant majority of people do not know this is occurring. So, it permits me to ask why questions.

      I fully understand your point, but we still can try. It may be a windmill I am chasing. Keith

  8. An incisively documented post Keith laying bare at best the ineptitude of the fellow at worst his callous belief that the richer the rich the better everything will be.
    Of course his voter base will continue to deny this, for they have invested so much of their credibility in his stock. Whereas we know Trump’s stock is comprised of phony bonds, his voter base cling to the desperate belief if they keep saying ‘Trump is Good’ he will turn out to be.
    Historically an old story, always ends in tragedy.

    • Roger, thanks. I added a Note to Readers mentioning how mean-spirited many of the changes are. But, if a president doesn’t care enough about 154,000 dead Americans and counting, he is a lost cause. Keith

  9. It is still a mysterium to me how a lier and cheater like him can become and remain president for a whole period. And over time, it became normal that we did not take his words serious, which shocks me even more.

    • Erika, so true. His untruthfulness is obvious on a daily or hourly basis, but too many do not follow news or follow news that stroke his ego. Keith

      • I am surprised how ignorant or blind and deaf so many of your fellow countrymen are. It is so obvious what an incompetent and power-hungry megalomaniac is sitting in that beautiful white building in Washington D.C.

  10. Note to Readers: A couple more fun facts. Due to a federal work around at the behest of the lending lobby, predatory payday lending may be available in states that allowed it. This kind of lending preys on people in poverty, including military spouses. Before it was banned in NC, several lenders set up shop near Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune.

    The other is the Postmaster General DeJoy, who is hamstringing the Post Office has from $50 million to $75 million invested in for-profit mail delivery services. This is a conflict of interest and further evidence of the corrupti actions of the president.

    But, I am sure all of this is fake news per the Teflon Don. Keith

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