Be kind, be safe, be wise

With a new holiday season upon us as well as a new variance of COVID, we must remain cautious. My wife and I just learned her cousin and her cousin’s husband have now contracted the virus, with her cousin in the hospital getting treatment. Both were naysayers and neither got the vaccine. This makes us sad and concerned, and we are hoping for a recovery.

Since we Christians are celebrating the birth of Jesus in a few days, let me take a few minutes to encourage the deployment of the following three “wise men.” In my story, these three magi are kindness, safety and wisdom. Be kind, be safe, be wise.

Be kind. One of my favorite quotes is do not mistake kindness as weakness. As we travel and intermingle with others, do what Baby Jesus taught us later in life – treat others like you want to be treated. This rule is so important, Jesus called it “golden.” Jesus had no caveats regarding being selective or discounting those who are perceived enemies. And, Jesus was no weakling, as he agreed to be tortured to save us from ourselves. Please think of these golden words when you are considering being a jerk to someone because you do not like the rules you should have known beforehand.

Be safe. There is no plan B. You and your family only have one life. So, be safe. The best piece of advice I heard is you are better protected against COVID if you practice all of the layers of protection. Be vaccinated, get the booster, wear a mask indoors, practice safe distancing, and wash your hands. If not for you, think of your children. I would hate to have a loved one die from COVID. I would hate it even more, if they chose not to get the vaccine only to realize too late, they were just being stubborn as six naysaying radio shock jocks realized. It is akin to the people who died from AIDS who chose not to use condoms after clearly learning how it was transmitted.* It makes you sad.

Be wise. There are many people smarter than me. Full stop. But, I do know when people realize how much they still don’t know, they have reached a stage of enlightenment. I see way too many people speak with certainty about things they should not, me included. Please do not take my word for anything. I am sharing my opinion. Do your homework through reputable sources. Speak with your doctor. This is especially true if you have other medical issues you are dealing with. We will continue to restrict our travel. We have not been on plane since before the pandemic. Yet, we do drive and take day trips.

So, during this holiday season and even afterwards, be kind, be safe, be wise. That is the best gift you can give you and your family. Peace be with you.

* Note: It should be noted for the longest time, it was unclear how AIDs was transmitted. Because of this, there was a lot of confusion and misinformation bantered about and people died. Lessons were learned and eventually communicated, but once it became clear that using condoms helped, it would have been a community service for the wider dissemination of that information and free condoms – these last two tools were deployed in Third world countries to much success.

19 thoughts on “Be kind, be safe, be wise

  1. You have a wonderful way of motivating people to get their vaccination. It is so sad, that most of them overlook that they don’t only risk their lives but also the lives of them around them AND cause more overwhelm for caregivers. And that because some are afraid of needles, don’t want to let anyone tell them what to do, want to wait for something “safer”, and the best one: they know that they don’t won’t catch the virus… There are even those who want to catch the virus because they believe that everything is exaggerated anyway and thus maintain their immunization.
    So thank you for your post. May many be encouraged to get their shots.

  2. Note to Readers: This title reminds me of the mantra from the movie “The Help” given by the maid to the little girl whose mother stepped on her self-esteem. The maid would have the girl repeat after her, “You are smart, you are kind and you are important.”

  3. A wise and timely post Keith, carefully and precisely argued too. A pandemic was always not ‘If’ but ‘When’, although figures are frightening, the salutary notion is Covid / Coronavirus is mild in comparison with what could turn up on our doorsteps. The grim lesson being that our existence on this planet is conditional and we had better find ways of reducing all risks and not fool around with fantasy notions that only governments cause these events for their own purposes.
    That said
    Best wishes to you and your family for this Christmas and may your cousin and husband recover soon and are spared ‘Long Covid’.
    Roger & Sheila

    • Thanks Roger. It disappoints me that people are forsaking personal responsibility to a greater good and have latched onto to you cannot make me do it as an argument.

      I just learned last night my son was exposed to someone who had tested positive and had not had the vaccine. My son has had two shots, but not the booster. The person handed him a cup of coffee, then told him she is positive. So, he is looking to get tested today and will likely miss in person Christmas.

      He is perturbed with this person as am I.


      • To use a common term (and not legal). there is criminal irresponsibility there in that person.
        I think under current UK law there would be cause for being charged under one of several laws. And I daresay a lawyer from either of our nations could give advice on civil action.
        I hope your son’s tests will prove negative

      • PS – I just learned my son had a negative test and is feeling fine. A big yay for that. As an aside, he was in line for about five hours in his car for a COVID test as the home tests are sold out all over town. People are eager to go home for the holidays.

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