The death of an ego

“Gabriel, who is that banging at the gate?” asked Peter. After returning, Gabriel said “It’s some guy with a long tie and lots of hair. He wants to see you. He says he belongs here.”

Peter approaches the man and offers his assistance. “Let me in. I belong here not that other place. I was HUGE on earth. No one did as much good as me. Before me, everything was a disaster.”

Peter looks down at his history log and reads for a few minutes, then looks at the man and says, “No, you have been assigned correctly. Our logs are very precise and I don’t glean a very altruistic life here.”

“You must be reading the fake news. They always lied about me,” says the man. Peter responded, “Sir, this is heaven, we don’t have fake news here. We know more about you, than you know yourself.”

“I was the best President ever, a successful businessman, I appointed conservative judges and people loved me at my rallies. So, let me in,” he demanded.

“Sir, you need to calm down. You were almost removed from office and the economy went into a tailspin late in your first term, so you lost your reelection. You also gave the illusion of helping people, which is worse. But, that is besides the point. You lied far more than you did not, you treated people poorly if they disagreed with you, you sexually assaulted women, you were very unfaithful to your wives,  you sued hard-working people causing them financial hardship and you collected money for charity and then used it for your own purposes. No, you definitely have been assigned correctly.”

“But, but, they will be mean to me there,” said the man. “Sir, each person’s hell is designed to treat them how he treated others,” said Peter. “I wish I had better news for you. The truth hurts, sometimes.”

“This is not fair. You people must be Democrats. I want a recount. Where’s Rudy?” asked the man. “Sir, you won’t find Rudy here either.” counseled Peter.

16 thoughts on “The death of an ego

    • David, the time will be when it will be. When I hear very religious people rationalize a life lived in opposition to what Jesus said because they like his judges, I find that hard to swallow. I am far from perfect and made many mistakes, but I try to live like he said. I do fail, but I try. Keith

      • Yes, the actions of the Evangelical crowd during this whole nightmare is beyond just might be the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever seen in politics. And that’s saying a lot!!

      • You won’t find an argument here. What do you say to your kids when you avidly support a man who does many things you tell them not to do? But, Mom, the President lies and calls his critics bad names.

        “Bigotry has to be carefully taught by the time you are seven or eight,” so wrote Oscar Hammerstein in “South Pacific.” So, does misogyny, xenophobia, and boorish behavior. Keith

      • It’s one of the confounding issues of our time. I sure remember the Clinton years. They’ll tell us it’s because of the conservative judges he’s appointing…and of course, abortion. I guess that’s their bottom line right there. They will literally put up with anything he does….SAD

      • The logic of tainting the Presidency offering a horrible role model to follow to gain a more conservative result is not a good path forward.

  1. Note to the Reader: I am an imperfect man who makes mistakes. I try to do the right thing, yet could do better. So, Peter may not let me in either. My main purpose is to illustrate that this kind of behavior is not what we are taught and the fact it is tolerated in the US President is disturbing.

  2. Dear Keith,

    I loved this parody. It is actually something that worries me, that there are those who claim the mantel of Christianity who will be right behind President Trump going to the same place.

    Truth matters.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Truth matters. I am equal parts tickled and sad that he is now doing more than lying today. Trump is going back to amend coverage of his lies. I am tickled that he is of such little character to do this, but sad his sycophants will support and believe his historical changes. I am hoping that the taped interviews get reaired with the news source standing by his story. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: The reasons are many, but Peter can add that the man denied entry has spawned and directed hate and violence. The Boston Globe has received death threats from a supporter of the man for saying a free press matters. They said this because the man does not like the press telling the world when he is not telling the truth and report his words which he wrote or said. So, the man needs to be called out. Unfortunately, he has convinced his followers that everyone is against him. And, they believe this.

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