God gave us a brain

God gave us a brain. Now why would he do that if he did not want us to use it? He also told us humans have dominion over the land and animals, so would it not be logical that a reason would be the brain he gave us? He would want us to use that brain to solve problems.

Like any parent, we want our children to learn to make their own decisions after we teach them right from wrong and lessons to keep them safe, healthy and prosperous. My guess is we would become annoyed if our children continued to ask us questions that they should know the answer to. And, yet we pray for miracles or guidance when we have the power in our hands or the hands of a skilled surgeon. Maybe the surgeon’s skill is the miracle for which we pray.

The minister John Pavlovitz writes a blog worth reading regardless of the relative faith you may possess. He breaks things down in simple terms. The attached link is a good example of his writing and guidance. I encourage you to take a few minutes to read this piece.


3 thoughts on “God gave us a brain

  1. Note to Readers: I have written before about some who believe that modern medicine is something to be avoided even if it would save a life. These folks will pray for a miracle. I find that thinking arrogant. How do these people know how God will deliver his miracle? A skilled surgeon would appear to be miraculous to someone even fifty years ago, but what about 250 years or 2,000 years ago?

    God gave these surgeons marvelous brains and deft hands, not unlike a skilled musician or athlete. I am reminded of the brilliant surgeon, Vivien Thomas, who was critical in developing a surgery to prepare the hearts of “blue babies” who would otherwise die due to poor circulation. He had a deft touch because he was a carpenter before he learned to be a doctor.

    Vivien Thomas was a black man who was discriminated against. What if he had not been given the chance, would more babies have died until a surgical repair was invented? It is not ironic the movie about his career is called “Something the Lord made,” a reference to the surgical procedure he and another Johns Hopkins doctor developed.

  2. Although not a Christian, I have long followed John Pavlovitz and find him to be a man of intellect and compassion. He and Padre Steve speak well and with good sense, sound reasoning. I must admit, though, that these days I’m not quite certain that everyone was endowed with a brain … it appears that some do not possess one. Sigh.

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