Travel safely, be well, respect flight attendants

Here in the US, my favorite holiday is upon us, Thanksgiving. I encourage everyone to travel safely, use meditation and patience to remain calm and be well. A little more walking or aerobic activity to counter vent the calorie intake would be wise.

Also, try not to accost the flight attendants. When wound up passengers do that, they are like the monkey climbing a tree – at some point they bare their hind end. I did see where airline attendants are learning self-defense techniques to ward of those wound up few

For some reason, these wound up few believe being made to follow the rules to protect everyone is a personal affront to their liberties. Just like any set of rules, you know them beforehand. If you don’t like it when on the plane or after a few drinks, then you missed your chance to vote with your feet. Once on the plane, the best advice is to sit down and shut up.

I mention this as I learned yesterday that seven anti-vaxxer doctors have now come down with COVID after attending a conference together. This follows on three months of five anti-vaxxer radio hosts, unfortunately getting and dying from COVID. One of the now sick doctors was mad at his father, who at the age of 99 had gotten both doses of the vaccine. I do not wish COVID on anyone, but I am not surprised when unvaccinated people come down with it.

As for me, I am scheduled to get the booster after Thanksgiving. My sister got the booster two weeks ago and had zero complications. With her job and other health issues, being fully vaccinated is key. My wife will, be getting hers after me.

I am aware of over fifty people who have had the vaccines, with only a few sore arms, some fever or body aches just afterward. What I find sad and amusing is some folks would rather take an animal de-wormer which is not meant for humans than a vaccine that has been tested and has data to support its overall efficacy. No drug is perfect without some side effects for a small few (just read the warning labels), but a de-wormer? Really?

So, count me in the vaccine camp, the human one. That is what I am going to do, as it protects me and others. Unfortunately, we are not out of the woods yet, as the numbers are expected to uptick again. Getting things closer to fine takes some effort, a community effort.

That is what communities do. They help each other out. Some guy named Jesus said that. Also, Gandhi talked of a community’s greatness being measured how they take care of the less fortunate. Neither person mentioned beating up flight attendants.

So, travel calmly and safely. And, be well.

21 thoughts on “Travel safely, be well, respect flight attendants

  1. You know that is exactly what annoys me the most. Over here (Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, And Germany) the numbers of infections go through the roofs. I respect everybody’s private decisions. But what many of those, who don’t get vaccinated because they say “I don’t let anyone tell me what to do”, don’t understand is, that it is not about them. Their decision affects not only themselves but has an impact on the whole development of the pandemic. If they don’t care to get people whose (important) surgeries are postponed. It is the lockdown and other restrictions that everybody (also the vaccinated) has to share. They don’t get it that it is only about the individual regarding their cooperation!

    • Erika, there is a large dose of hypocrisy
      going on. For example:
      – schools and universities require other vaccines
      – automobile drivers must adhere to the laws of the road
      – countries with a draft require some form of military or community service.

      This faux liberty argument is political BS in my view and I fault weak-minded politicians for risking public health in
      a zero-sum game. It is only people’s lives that folks named DeSantis, Abbott, Trump et al are playing with. Keith

      • You have brought this so well to the point. I heard people say, I don’t let them tell me what to do unless they show me the corresponding legislative act. WTF is the difference? This is an imcomaprable stupidity and as you say, basically hypocrisy.

  2. The situation in Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany is incredible
    Fear, nothing but fear
    Nobody trusts no one
    No more tests in the vaccin centres
    A lot of people unvaccinated
    So am I
    I am 0-
    My immun system is 🔥 ok
    We will see what will happen next week.
    You are not allowed to take the bus, go into a restaurant without a test or an official document

    I had Corona 👑
    But how to proove it?

    How about old and sick people who are not able to get this paper?
    They are not allowed to buy food in a shop

    With you a wonderful day

    • Sylvia, thanks for offering your story. I am sorry you had the virus. I wish you the best as you seek a solution. It also saddens me that trust has broken down. It takes a while to rebuild it once it is gone. Keith

      • Thanks for your comment. Every dose of medicine or surgical procedure has an error rate. For example, the most common A-Fib procedures are at best 80% effective. The data on COVID vaccine errors seem large when presented without the denominator of actual doses, but when shown as an actual percentage, the error rate on the vaccines is very low. So, while toxic to a very small few, which is always troubling, the vaccines have been overall a huge success. That is what I think, but don’t take my word for it.. I encourage everyone to speak with their doctor about getting vaccinated and not listen to me or others who are not. Best wishes to you and your family. Keith

  3. I will be able to get my booster in mid-December. Sign me up! My daughter is a doctor. Not only did she get fully vaccinated while pregnant, she got her booster while breast feeding. We are all hopeful the baby is getting ample antibodies from her precautions. I believe in science…

  4. Happy Belated TG Keith.. coming out of the festivity overload and on to the next.. lol
    I’m not quite due for the booster and am gonna wait a bit. I tested neg for covid but got some weird flu the week before TG.. ugh.. 💖

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