Go forth, be safe on the 4th

Happy 4th of July everyone! Be safe as you travel and as you celebrate with family and friends. Here are a couple of reminders.

– Alcohol, testosterone and fireworks do not mix. Adding dry hot summer days do not help the situation. I am reminded of my wife’s cousin who blew off several fingers.

– If driving, appropriate following distance will help avoid many car accidents. Tailgaters overstate their ability to stop a car, especially when following a truck they cannot see around. To be frank, that is the nicest description of a tailgater I can use.

– At large outdoor parties, be mindful of food left out on a picnic table too long. Food poisoning is not rare in these circumstances.

– Also be mindful of long afternoons of drinking, especially those fruity concoctions that mask how drunk you’re getting. You don’t want to have Uncle John going to a crowded ER after wrecking his vehicle.

– The entire group should be mindful of small kids near pools, lakes and oceans. It only takes a few seconds for someone to drown. Hosts need to make sure someone is watching if they cannot. See above about parents’ drinking – I have seen close accidents avoided that should not have gotten that precarious,

– Finally, do your best to avoid politics. If you must respond, try to stay within the white lines and say things like “I wish they would work together to solve problems” which is a safe way to make a statement and exit stage left.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday and weekend. May the 4th be with you this July.

15 thoughts on “Go forth, be safe on the 4th

  1. All excellent pieces of advice, Keith. We are not participating in any celebrations, for reasons I’ve otherwise noted, but since Chris has the day off, we will likely go out for Chinese food this evening! The advantage to that is where we go, we always bring back enough leftovers to last for 2-3 days! 😉 Keep safe and enjoy your day!

  2. Note to Readers: My wife and I are pleased two of our children are home and hosting their old game night crowd. We shall be eleven as we dine on burgers, veggie burgers and hot dogs. The 4th feasts need not be high falluting to be good.

    We have missed the troupe’s laughter upstairs as the play their games and socialize. It will be fun.

  3. Good reminders, Keith. It’s been interesting how this day has played out. Mother Nature seems to be taking her pound or two . . . Raining on President Un’s parade and rumbling underfoot on the west coast.

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